Chapter 50 - Runnin'

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Amara Bell is best friends with the one and only Cameron Dallas, however, Cameron has slightly different feelings. One day, when Cameron picks up Amara from school he begins to make small moves on her. Cameron asks to stay the night, they've been friends for so long, Amara's mom thinks nothing of it so she says yes. When Cameron comes over, he kisses Amara for the first time. This then leads to a heated make out session that Amara isn't so comfortable with. Days pass and the relationship between the two is still strong; until Nash comes in. Nash makes fun of them and even admits to Cameron that he has a small crush on Amara.

Weeks pass and there is small drama between Nash and Cameron. Amara and Cameron date, but they soon get broken apart by a small party. Cameron was caught cheating. Amara moves on and meets a new guy a few weeks later named Shawn. Shawn turns out to be controlling and a friend of Amaras ex, Matthew. Cameron manages to save Amara and swoop her of her feet again.

A few days pass and the two are back together. Cameron tells Amara about a tour he was invited to go to, because of Vine, called Magcon. Cameron asks if she would like to go with him. Amara says yes and was required to pack by tomorrow. The only small detail Cameron left out, was that Shawn and Matt would be there.

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