In Harm's Way

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        I stepped foot inside, looking around me in awe as light shines through the chain fences built high up into the walls of the abandoned building. I walked in carefully, not too certain about the place. Yet looked amazing. From the looks of it, I assume it's an abandoned factory.

Pillars stood themselves in a parallel order, holding the building up and stopping it from tumbling down. It seemed abandoned for quite a while actually. Pillars were also built horizontally, keeping the poorly built ceiling up.

It seems like a good place to camp at yet I prefer my old hut. It didn't have much but it gave a good amount of shelter. The factory was also really big and empty, giving an echo to my footsteps against the rough ground.

I spotted a ladder far back, leading up to a small platform. I walked over, deciding to explore. I wrapped my hands around the metal ladder and pulled myself up, landing with a loud clink sound. I winced a little and spotted another ladder supposedly leading to the roof.

In my younger ages, exploring used to be one of my most passionate things to do. I loved discovering new places especially deserted ones; curiosity always got the best of me. I walked on the platform, being careful with the loose parts, about to climb up the ladder when a loud bang echoed withing the factory.

My eyes widened a little and I quickly slid down the ladder and hiding behind one of the large pillars, pushing my back up against it. I peeked out a little, spotting a figure far in. That's when I realized it was a boy. I sighed in relief, thinking the Mogadorians had found me once again.

The boy had blond hair and seemed around my age, yet having a slim but built body form. "Hello?" He called out as he looked around in awe himself. His voice was like music to my ears. I realized he was probably just a citizen exploring like I. "I-Is anyone there? I-I mean no harm." He spoke again, a little stutter evident within his spoken words.

I sighed and pulled my hood up a little before getting out of my hiding place. He gasped a bit and backed away a little out of fear. I walked over carefully and stopped keeping a good amount of distance between us. Hey, we haven't even met. Hell it could even be a trap.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I spoke quietly noticing his stiffened form. "Unless you hurt me as well." I said again making him nod slowly. "D-Do you live here?" He asked hesitantly as he glanced at me a bit. "No. I'm just.. exploring." I said shaking my head, calming him down.

"Oh! Well, I'm Sam." He smiled, putting his hand out to me. I glanced at it a little before shaking it and looking back at him. My eyes widened a little in anger and I snatched my hand away. His hand was cold. Really cold.

"Your hand is cold." I spoke, feeling anger filling me slowly. He noticed and looked a little stunned before a frown plastered itself on his face. "Who are you?" I growled and backed away a little. He quickly slung his hands to the side and I flew backwards with full force. I slammed into one of the pillars and dropped down to the ground.

I groaned in pain and looked up slowly, spotting the purple shift in his eyes before they returned to his usual blue. I tried pulling myself up as he walked towards me, his veins popping out a little. He's one of us.

"You shouldn't be here." He sneered and brought his hand back up. Quickly crossing my arms together so they formed an 'x', I sent the blond flying, shocking me. He hit the wall harshly and slowly began standing up. "I don't want to hurt you." I spoke slowly as I raise my hands a little, watching him carefully as he stood up straight.

"Well I do." He growled and clenched his fist, slinging it my way. I was hit with a strong force, sending me back and knocking me out..

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