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About 2 days have passed since your de-petrification. You've been observing Senku closely with everything he was doing, making a fire, setting up a camp, any basic survival techniques. Not like you knew anything about it. Who knows what would happened if you and Senku somehow got separated? Plus he was doing all the work, you didn't want to rely on him like you are now, you wanted to be helpful in any way you could.
Sometimes Senku would glance at you as you stared intensively at whatever he was crafting. He'd smile, and then explain to you how he did it and how it worked, which you greatly appreciated even though you sometimes didn't really get it.

The two of you decided to take a break, even though it didn't happened often. You knew Senku wasn't the athletic type, and you could tell he was relieved everytime you stopped for a few minutes after walking for hours. At first, you insisted on taking a break regularly, for his sake. But he categorically refused everytime. You didn't understand why and you didn't ask, he had this look of determination he has when he's got his mind set on something. But then, as you walked across a field of broken statues, covered in vegetation, you understood.
You guys are on the clock. In this stone world, if you want to defeat Tsukasa with weapons of science and save humanity, you'd have to beat him by speed. This is basically a race, where they'd be no time to spare.
After that, you stopped asking for breaks.

You were sitting in the shade of a tree while Senku was on said tree, carefully looking around unsing his wooden-sextant-thingy.
Your eyes closed, you listened to the sounds around you, the birds, the wind and the occasional little animal. Always the same things ever since you got 'un-stoned' (you scratched that term as soon as you mentally phrased it). You sighed. It was in those moments that you missed your instruments.
Sitting up, something caught your attention. Long blades of grass at the base of the tree. You stared at it for a moment in silence. Then you smiled, and took one for yourself.
As soon as he heard a high-pitched, screeching noise, Senku quickly looked down to see you, blowing on a blade of grass that you stretched between your thumbs. It didn't sound good for the ears at all. After all, you can only do so much with just grass, it's not exactly the best instrument ever. But you seemed really happy with it. And he expected no less from you.
He sighed, smiling.
"I was ten billion percent sure you'd find a way." he mumbled, running a hand through his hair. "You'd always come to it, even with only a blade of grass... That's how it all starts."

"Oi, (Y/n)."
You stopped and looked at him as he came down from the tree. He dusted his clothes.
"With all of humanity wiped out, its whole knowledge must be preserved." he looked at you. "And though music is a science, you know more about it than I do."
'Music...is science?' you internally frowned, totally skeptic of these two statements. 'A science I'm better at than him? What.'
"Just like I'm a man of science, you're a woman of music." he pointed at you. "So you'll have to pass on the knowledge of all genres, composers and instruments. Or else it'll be forgotten. Keep your heritage alive at all cost, no matter what. How exiting~." he smirked. "Think you can manage?"
You stood up to fully face him, and gulped, feeling the pressure.
"Uh... I-I guess?"
A moment passed, Senku turned around, picking on his ear. He didn't like that hesitation in your voice.
"Alright, break's over. Let's go."
And with that, he walked onward. You followed him soon after, still not fully understanding his words.

You were walking up a hill when suddenly you both heard a loud cracking noise.
"Look!" Senku exclaimed.
You followed his gaze to see a tree falling in the distance. Giving Senku's look of shock on his face and your current mission, you put it together and your eyes widen.
"Ow shit! Might be them!"
"Let's go!" he said before the two of you ran toward the fallen tree.

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