The Quill And The Wrench

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Using the right vocabulary when we write a story... this can become a bit tricky when one is writing Steampunk. All these old victorian period words, the colourful slang...

All you ever wanted to know about the Steampunk lingo, WattpadPunkfiction brings to you

The SteamPunk ABC!!!

To make it a bit interesting, though, we will proceed in two steps: first, we will give you a word, or two, or three... and we will ask you to give us your own interpretation of this (those) word(s).
Then, a couple of weeks later, we will come back to you with the proper definition... and most likely give a shoutout to those definition we liked.

Additionally, we may discuss, in The Quill And The Wrench any aspect of the Steampunk writing that makes the genre so interesting... So, if you have any questions, any information your are looking for, drop us a note in the comment section... we will be sure to find an answer...   

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