A job

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June's pov
It's been one week since y/n has come to live with us and she is so helpful. She has been cleaning the house and cleaning the clothing. It helps a lot but I know that she is looking for a job.

Looking down at my dinner plate, Jack taps me on the shoulder. " mom I think y/n's looking for a job." I give him a I know look. "Does she really need to work and can't she come to school with me." My boy fills me with love, he is so kind and caring. "Jack you know she can't. She's missed too many years of school and she needs to have something to entertain her."

He nods his head and seems deep in thought for a few minutes until he suddenly jerks his head up. A huge smile on his face. My boy has an idea.

Jacks pov
I knew mom was right so I started to thinking of all the jobs she could do. Which wasn't many as she was like 15. Then it hit me. I remembered the shelter Miko, Raph and myself had volunteered for. The dogs there were special and we all knew that but I remember how William Fowler (he's the guy who runs the shelter) is always complaining how he's tired of only volunteers, he wanted a full time person. At least 4 days a week.

Arcee would probably like her and I'm sure Bee would too.

"Hey y/n! Do you like dogs?" I shouted even though I already knew the answer. Shuffling of feet filled the house as she came to the kitchen.

No ones pov
You came running into the kitchen at Jacks words... almost hitting you head in the process. "I love dogs! And who wouldn't their the best.... why'd you ask?" June quickly caught on and a wave of realization hit her. You always said how much you loved dogs and wanted one. You, when she first met you, were a dogsitter so you had first hand experience.

"Y/n would you like to work at a animal shelter? We know a place it's really nice and Miko, Raph and I do volunteer work there every weekend."
Your face lit up. It looked like a child's who got the best birthday present imaginable. "Yes yes I would love to!" Every one loved this childish part of you, you're very responsible and a bit shy but when you find something you like you act like a kid.

"Y/n I'll organize a interview for you for tomorrow. That is if your sure y-" began June only to be stopped by you giving her a huge bear hug. "Yes please that be great... will they even allow me to work there cause you know me being 17 and all?" June laughed, "Of course they will. Your an amazing girl y/n. Your so strong and smart and pretty. And you've had experience. How many 17 year olds can cook like you and have jobs."

This made you start to cry. You all hugged each other. Crying a waterfall you looked into their eyes and said,"Thank you no ones said such nice things about me....do you mind if I call you June and not Mrs?" June stared at you and began to cry as well. "That's fine honey you can call me June I'm not like that horrid Mrs Rel. May I call you n/n (nickname). You blushed slightly and said,"Sure."

Jack was just standing there looking at you. "Y/n are you going to call me bro now?" He asked in a nervous voice. You rolled your eyes and replied in understanding,"No I have always considered you a brother but Jack suits you better... and I wouldn't want to embarrass you." He gave a relieved sigh and gave you a hug. June gave him a look but soon started laughing.

That night you all watched f/m and talked about the shelter. From what you were told it sounded amazing and when Jack told you that some of the dogs were op to his shoulders you choked on the tea you were drinking. You were up to his eyes so yeah wow.

"Alright you two off to bed." "Aww come on." You both said in unison. You stared at each other and began to laugh. "Come you two tomorrows a busy day you need your rest."

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