Profile Four: Aurelie Beauty

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Aurelie is the only daughter and youngest child of Briar Beauty and Faybelle Thorn. Aurelie is a very flirty girl, flirting with every boy she finds cute. She, despite having wings, is terrible at flying, no amount of flying lessons from Faybelle has been able to change that. Due to her mother being a dark fairy, some people are actually scared of her. It is unknown if she'll be the next Sleeping Beauty or the Dark Fairy as she could work well for both roles.

Name: Aurelie Beauty

Parents: Briar Beauty and Faybelle Thorn

Parent's Story: Sleeping Beauty

Powerful Qualities: Flirty, Supportive, Truthful

Roommate: Mackenzie Hatter

Secret Heart's Desire: I just want to learn how to fly properly so I can explore Ever After the way my mother, Faybelle does.

My "Magic" Touch: With a wave of my hand, I can create anything I want. It's really convenient.

Storybook Romance Status: I like cute boys, but I also like their personality to be cute, like a really sweet boy. I hope there's someone for me like that.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: When I plummet after a failed flying attempt, I always manage to fall on someone. Every. Single. Time.

Favourite Subject: Creative Storytelling. I love writing! It... Calms me.

Least Favourite Subject: History of Evil Spells. I don't know if I'm Sleeping Beauty or the Dark Fairy, but sitting through this class, I'm hoping it's Sleeping Beauty.

Best Friends Forever After: Mackenzie Hatter and Amber Ella, Mac is a little weird but I'm used to it, and Amber just needs support and I provide it to her.

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