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i had no where to go. everyone was still at the meet & greet. All i knew was i couldn't stay here. I left the hotel and began walking. I had no idea where i was going, all i knew was, the farther the better. I continued to walk for what felt like hours. My phone kept buzzing, but i ignored it.

7 missed calls from chase🖤
5 messages from chase🖤
4 missed calls from avani🤡
2 missed calls from payton 💰
3 missed calls from madi🤠

i found a park bench and sat down letting my feet take a break, and allowed my mind do the wandering.

Chase's P.O.V

what was wrong with me? Why did i yell at her? i shouldn't have made her tell me.
I paced back and forth the room. Everyone had just headed back from the meet & greet. Nobody had seen Kenzie, and she wasn't answering anyone's calls or messages, especially not mine.

If something happened to Kenzie, i would never forgive myself. I could feel my eyes begin to water, then my phone buzzed. I quickly checked who it was from, hoping and praying it would be kenzie.

new message from cynthia

My heart ached as i read the name

i heard about kenzie, are you ok?

not really, no

i'm so sorry


is there anything i can do?

i don't think so...

i mean anything. anything i can do to make you feel good.

cynthia, what are you getting at?

i think you know exactly what i mean.
nobody needs to know, it can be our secret.

Kenzie's P.O.V

i had ended up falling asleep on the park bench. I woke up as i felt raindrops against my already freezing skin. I ran into the nearest building, a small restaurant. I pulled out my phone and began to order an uber. My uber would be here in a little less that 10 minutes. I thought i heard my name being called but the restaurant was almost empty so i ignored it. then i felt someone tap on my shoulder, i turned around and felt goosebumps cover my body as soon as i saw his face. James.

"hey beautiful. funny running into you, it's almost as if it's...fate." James laughed at his own joke.
i gulped and tried to take a step backwards but before i could James grabbed my waist and pulled me close. he whispered into my ear,
"don't worry baby, i'm not going to hurt you"

i took a deep breath and composed myself. "James back the fuck up" i demanded

James was surprised. When i was with him he always was pretty abusive so i never spoke up. James gripped my wrists tightly and whispered into my ear again, " i see you forgot your manners"
i winced in pain as he tightened his grip around my wrists.
"Maybe i should teach you a lesson." James said.
Before James could try anything, the manager of the restaurant approached us.
"everything ok here?" he asked clearly concerned.
James answered before i could, "yes, we're fine."
While James was distracted I used all my strength and forced my wrists out of James grasp. I ran outside the restaurant and saw my uber waiting. i quickly jumped in and told the uber driver the address of the hotel.
I looked down at my wrists and saw James had left marks.
i took out my phone and told Avani to meet me  in the lobby. When i arrived at the hotel i jumped out of the uber and saw Avani waiting for me. She rushed outside and embraced me into a warm hug.
"Kenzie, I've been worried sick." Avani looked over me and then stopped when she saw the marks on my wrist. "What happened? Did chase do this, cause i swear to god i will fucki-"

"no avani, chase didn't do this." just saying his name made my eyes water, "James did this." i told avani everything as we walked to cynthia and madi's room, since we figured i could use a girls night.
When we arrived at the room it was just madi laying down on her bed. As soon as she saw me she launched off her bed and right into my arms.

"I've been worried, everyone has." Madi said in between sobs.
"I'm sorry madi, I just had to get away."
She released me from her hold and looked at my red puffy eyes and the marks on my wrist. I was an absolute mess.
"What happened?" Madi asked with concern in her eyes.
I then told the whole story for the second time in the past 10 minutes. When i finished madi's eyes were filled with tears. Avani and madi both wrapped me up in a hug and told me everything would be ok. Madi told me i could stay with her and cynthia for as long as i needed.
Then the door opened, and in walked cynthia. As soon as she saw me her eyes went wide. She ran over to me and engulfed me into a tight hug.
" Oh, kenzie. Thank god you're ok."
After i finished explaining what happened and where i had been for the third time that night, we all decided to have a big sleepover, since none of them really felt comfortable with leaving me alone.
I was extremely tired. All i wanted was to to surrender to my exhaustion. But my mind had other plans. I tossed and turned all night as thoughts of chase swirled through my mind.

i knew, right then and there, no matter what chase did to my heart, it would always belong to him.

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