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Chase's P.O.V

i see a guy approach Kenzie, and just assume it a fan. Soon after i see avani and payton almost protecting her from him. I wanted to go over and see what was going on, but i didn't want to cause a scene. I try to focus on the meet and greet, but my eyes continue to wander over to Kenzie. When i look over i see the guy began to play with her hair, and then get a little too touchy. i clench my jaw, and my hands are balled into fists. When i look into Kenzie's eyes, I see them begin to water, then she falls to the floor.
I rush over to her. She's not moving. Security comes over and try's to keep the fans contained. I look at the guy who had just been touching her, he was the cause of this. Anger coursed through my veins.

"what the fuck did you do?" i shout at the mysterious guy.

"Chase calm down." payton tried to back me away from the dude but i don't budge.

"who even are you?" I ask

"I'm James, Kenzie's boyfriend" he says with cockiness in his tone.

Avani forces out a laugh as she's crouched on the floor next to Kenzie.
"Yeah, you wish. Chase that's james, her EX boyfriend." Avani puts emphasis on the word "ex"

"Well, James. You need to get the hell out of here." I began to square him up. i easily had a couple inches on him.

"make me" James replied

"oh i will" i mumbled. And then threw a punch, making complete contact with his jaw.
James stumbled backwards, and rubbed his jaw. He then swung, but i easily dodged it. The force of him trying to punch me, then missing, caused him to lose his balance. I took the opportunity and struck him behind the head causing him to fall to the ground. I tried getting on top of him and continuing to punch him, but security got to me before i got the chance. They pulled me away from him, and then dragged James off the floor and out the exit.

Avani was comforting Kenzie, when i bent down beside her to see how she was doing.

"Kenzie? Kenzie? it's chase" i said softly

her eyelids struggled to open, but eventually they did.

"chase? what happened" kenzie asked clearly confused. then a look of terror spread across her face. "where is he?" she tried sitting up but couldn't find the strength.

"don't worry, he's gone. i took care
of him." i said with a sense of pride in my voice.

Kenzie rubbed her head and then her eyes. she tried to sit up again and this time was successful. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder.
I wanted more than anything to kiss her and help the pain go away, but we were in a room filled with hundreds of fans.
i whispered in kenzie's ear, "careful, now. everyones watching."
"oh crap i forgot." Kenzie tried to stand up but i got up first and then helped her to her feet.

Kenzie's P.O.V

chase helped me too my feet. My head was killing me. When i looked around the room everyone's eyes were on us.
Payton rushed over to my side and wrapped me into a hug.
"are you ok? I'm so sorry kenzie" payton asked with concern in his voice
"i'm fine" i said trying to convince not only payton but myself as well.
"kenzie i think it would be best if you took a break. why don't you and chase leave early?" payton suggested
i looked over at chase, "are you ok with leaving early?" i asked him
"of course i am, especially if it's for you." chase replied almost immediately.
Me and chase told the manager we were leaving, because of what happened, and he seemed completely fine with the idea.
We headed up to our room, and laid down on the bed. I could tell something was on Chase's mind, but he didn't seem like he wanted to bring it up so i ignored it.
Me and chase continued to cuddle on the bed until he pulled away. I looked at him, with a puzzled expression.
"Kenzie, who's James?" chase asked abruptly
"my ex" i replied.
chase scoffed. "yeah i figured that much out. I guess what i mean is...what happened?"
"chase..." i didn't know what to say
"don't you trust me?" chase asked, offended
"of course i do. i just, don't want to get into this. not yet."
Chase sat up and got out of bed
"chase, what are you doing?"
"what do you mean, leaving?" i asked as i sat up from the bed.
"I'm not staying here with you. You clearly don't trust me, and it seems everyone knows about this James guy except for me."
"are you serious right now?" i couldn't believe him
"Yeah i am." chase replied as he began to put on his shoes.
My eyes began to water. "chase, why are you acting like this?"
"why am i acting like this? Are you fucking kidding me." Chase was beginning to get angry. It scared me
"chase calm down. i just don't see what i did wrong."
"WHO THE FUCK IS JAMES? HUH?" he screamed at me
"chase i told you i-" i started, but chase interrupted me
"THATS THE PROBLEM KENZIE, YOU CANT EVEN TRUST ME." his shouting was hurting my head like crazy. i couldn't take it anymore.

finally, i snapped

"FINE CHASE, FINE. YOU WIN! JAMES GOT MY BEST FRIEND PREGNANT, THEN RAPED ME WHEN I TRIED TO BREAK UP WITH HIM! THATS WHAT HE FUCKING DID! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. hot tears fell down my face. chase was taken aback, and didn't know what to say. I pushed past him and made my way towards the door. Before Chase even had the chance to react I was already out the door.

He hurt me, yet that still didn't make leaving him any easier.

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