Chapter 27 : Your First Love

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Irene's POV
It was already getting really late and Taehyung hasn't come back to the office. Hmm maybe he went home already? A lot of thoughts started popping in my mind. Or maybe... No he wouldn't cheat on me! I tried to think positively and smiled to myself. Everything will be fine... I comforted myself as I remembered our times together.

I stood on from my seat and immediately tidy my desk. I grabbed my bag and rush back to my house. I unlocked the door and saw Seulgi. "Unnie you're back early!" She exclaimed. Me and Seulgi had become close friends again. "Ne, I'll be cooking dinner!" I said and ran to the kitchen. I took some onions and my sharp shiny knife. I placed the onion on the cutting board and sliced them. I chopped some chicken meat and cooked some rice. I cracked 3 eggs into a bowl and mixed them thoroughly.

I turned up the fire and fry them all together. I added some sauce, salt and pepper in it. I inhaled the delicious smell of the food. "Taehyung is gonna love this!" I said joyfully to myself. I placed it on a lunch box before preparing some lemon juice for him. After finishing it, I immediately go to my room and took a quick bath. I sprayed some perfume before applying some powder and lip tint. I combed my hair until it was neat then I went downstairs.

"Seulgi-ah, your dinner is ready on the table!" I shouted. "Arraseo!" Seulgi replied. "I'm going to Taehyung's house okay?" I said before leaving with the lunch box and bottle of lemon juice. I walked out of my place and locked the front door. "Annyeong Irene-sshi!" I heard a voice behind me. I turned to the person immediately as I recognised the voice. "Oh hey Jimin!" I replied as I waved eagerly at him. "You're here to meet Seulgi?" I asked him. He nodded and gave a very happy smile as if a little kid just got a free lollipop or something.

"Well here are the keys then." I passed the keys to his hand before leaving. "Gomawo!" He said as he saw me leaving. I skipped happily to Taehyung's house and unlocked the door with the extra keys he gave me. I secretly went inside to surprise him with a great meal. Instead... I heard weird noises inside.

Taehyung's POV
"Do you still love me?"

The question started repeating in my head leaving me confused. We reached my house and we entered inside.

"Taehyung?" She called. "N-ne?" I replied nervously. "Do you...?" She asked once again. "I-I don't know... What if I do?" I asked her. "Hmm..." She said. "Then I'll be your girlfriend and I will give you exactly what you want..." She whispered seductively. "B-but... What if I don't?" I asked again. "Give me an accurate answer." She demanded. "I don't know... I need some time to think-" "Who says you need time if you can find out right now?" She said as she smirked suspiciously. "What do you-" She immediately pushed me to the wall and kissed me hungrily. Her hands slowly unbuttoned my shirt but I pushed her away. "I can't..." I told her. "Why not?" She asked.

"T-Taehyung...." I heard a soft voice. I turned immediately and saw the love of my life crying. I immediately felt guilty but I never wanted this... Right?

"Irene it's not what it looks like-" Before I could even finish my sentence, she interrupted me. "HOW COULD YOU?!" She screamed crazily while crying. "YOU'RE ALWAYS LIKE THIS YOU JUST-" "CAN'T YOU LET ME EXPLAIN FOR ONCE?!" I interrupted her in anger. She was speechless and just silent because of the harsh tone I used. I pushed Sooyoung away and went to Irene.

"This is my true love Sooyoung... I don't love you anymore." I said. Irene looked at me in shock as I bring her into a hug. "I'm sorry... Please I don't wanna lose you... I love you!" I begged Irene. Sooyoung angrily stomped out of my house leaving me and Irene alone. I smiled at Irene and kissed her cheek. "Yahhh! I haven't forgive you!" She smacked my arm. We laughed and I helped her bring the food to my kitchen.

"She seduced you?" Irene asked in the middle of eating. "Hmm... You could say that." I replied. "Irene..." I called and she turned to me. "There's something near your lips." I told her. "Ah wait..." She said embarrassingly as she tried to wipe it off. "Done?" She asked innocently which made me chuckle. "Here let me get it out." I said as I got closer to her and rub near her lips. "Is it gone-" I kissed her lips immediately making her shocked.

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