🌥 Epilogue

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Hey everyone, here it is, the last chapter for Historically Inaccurate. Thank you so much for your comments and support, I am so grateful for all of you. I am planning on brushing up the grammar in the earlier chapters, but other than that this story is officially over. I will keep you updated all on changes and news in the future, but once again, I'm just so grateful for all the support you've shown for Soledad's story.



"You want to hear a fun fact about the History Club?" I ask, laying down on the back of Diane's car, camera in my hand ready to take some random shots.

"Sure hit us," Diane says, turning left.

"It was never a History Club, to begin with. When it was made like three decades ago some guys decided to make up this prank society at school, but they got called out on it and threatened with suspension so they covered it up by creating a different club. The main dude was some history major who was a complete douche and who took advantage of the fact that no one had made a History club for the school. So that's how things got born out of that." I flip through the images I had taken of Diane and her girlfriend, as well as some of the ones they had taken of me at the ice cream parlor we had gone to.

"That actually... makes a little bit of sense." Natalie responds, "How come no one put two and two together, though?"

"Well that main guy was the son of the Mayor at the time and of course you can't really get in trouble with a family like that. Then he became disgustingly rich after graduating and getting into politics." I stop to scrutinize a photo where I actually do not look like I'm about to sneeze. I'm still figuring out how much I like my new haircut to my shoulders, and whether or not I should trim it up a little bit more.

Cutting it felt liberating, though, getting the weight off my shoulders and all. I liked who I saw in the mirror when the stylist rolled my chair around.

"Well, at least you don't have to worry about those things anymore." If there is anyone that sounds relieved, heard my whole story while it was happening, and yet had nothing to do with my crazy shenanigans it was Diane. She does believe in complete freedom of choice when it comes to fucking up your own life, and I wouldn't change that about her.

Today is the first day of summer. Not being in the History Club gave me the liberty to focus more on my studies and other little actual clubs I had decided to join at the beginning of my freshman year that I had completely forgotten about. After our cabin disaster, the Club had gotten dismantled by the school. It was removed from the board, and the police investigation carried on for about a month after the whole ordeal. I had heard Anna got called into court, but none of the members had been called to testify. Carlos said she got some of the old members to provide good lawyers for her and that she had come out with a clean record.

I didn't know whether or not that was true, and I hadn't seen her or her bright color hair ever since that time we spent gazing at the lake. I could only hope she was doing okay.

While I hadn't seen her, I had stumbled upon other members. Scott and Alan were now dating, so that was great, Ophelia sometimes waved at me when we caught a glimpse of each other walking around in campus, Angela avoided me at all cost, but I had let go of that a long time ago. I didn't know much about Xiu and Melina, but I had a feeling they were doing just fine.

Carlos and I still saw each other every other day or so, because as we say to each other trash that becomes friends together stays trash together.

Surprisingly things had somewhat smoothed out in the last two months of school, and they flew by fast, too. Dad and I called mom almost every single day for dinner and I was finally feeling at ease with them again. I know I'll never be a perfect poster daughter, but they are okay with that as long as I'm honest with them.

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