Part 24

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Wow grt after 470 to 370. I'm impressed don't worry I'll end soon this story. Then  do what ever u want I don't care

Anika sobs on shivaay's chest and  crying like a baby. Shivaay is trying to pacifying her but his all attempts are went in drain.

Shiv. Anika shshsh I'm here na. Stop crying. He wrapped hand around her waist and console her but her wails are getting increase second by second.

Shiv. Ok Anika look at me and listen.

Shiv. U r not my Anika

Ani. Huh

Shiv. My Anika is a strong girl who fought with every problem which came in her way and now look u r crying like a baby without giving answer to them.  That's not good Anika. U r losing urself.

Ani. I'm I'm

Shiv. Ok come with me

Ani. Where she said pulling him again towards her.

Shiv. Just come with me. He held her hand and dragged her with him. 

Ani. Shivaay where r u taking me.  Stop it.  But shivaay didn't listen to her and continue to dragging her. 

Shiv. Who the hell hurted my Anika.  All employees got scared after listening his roared

Ani. Shiv.

Shiv. I've asked u something. Tell me who was talking rubbish about my Anika.  Again he didn't get any answer

Shiv. Ok great don't tell me.  U know what u all r fired.

All gasp and look at him shockingly.

Employees. Sorry sir. It's our mistake plz forgive us.  We all didn't do it. Only this seema and her friends were talking rubbish about Anika mam. Plz sir don't snatch our job.

Shiv. Miss seema kindly take ur resignation latter and get out with ur friends I don't want u to see u again in my office.

S. No no sir plz don't do this.  I've a family and their all expenses are depend on me. Plz plz give me last chance. If u want I'll say sorry to Anika mam but plz don't snatch my job.

Ani. Shivaay Kaya kar raha ha.

Shiv. U keep quite. I can't leave a person like this who attempt to hurt u. SHe has to bear all punishment. Miss seema get out. I don't wanna see u in my office from now .  Clear ur accounts and  leave this office with ur friends.  Saying this he held Anika's hand and dragged her inside without listening her a single word.

Ani. U didn't do right thing shivaay. She has a family.

Shiv. I don't care.

Ani.  Don't  forget I've also face this situation when u was not with me. So for sake of mine don't snatch their jobs. Plz.  Shivaay turned and kissed her forehead

Shiv. As u say. But this is their last chance after that I won't give them any chance to living here.

Ani.  Ok fine.  I'll also won't speak that time. It will only depend on u to keep them on job or kick them out.

Shiv.  Why r u so nice Anika. I've seen my Selfish people in my life. But never seen like u who just think about others.he said caressing her face.

Anika slightly smile and bent her head after listening her praise from his mouth..

Shiv. Anyways let's go babies would be waiting for us. Anika nodded and they walked off.

At house

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