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you checked your phone, the time was a lot later than you'd expected it to be. after the guy finished his song he got off the stage again but you hadn't seen him after that. that was the last song the band played that night so all you could hear after was people chatting and laughing. although it wasn't the same as music, you enjoyed it. it was still more enjoyable that hearing people yelling at each other all the time.

many people had started leaving once the band was done so the once crowded building soon became emptier and quieter. at this point, there was just you and a few other tables of people. you glanced out the window and frowned, still raining. getting drenched in rain during winter isn't the best idea, you thought to yourself.

but you could feel the sleepiness starting to fill your senses and you buried your head etween your arms on the table.

some time later you felt a soft nudge against your shoulder, as if someone was trying to wake you but was afraid of waking you at the same time. you lifted your head, your eyes squinting against the lights as you tried to make out the face of the person standing beside you.

when you could finally get a good look at who it was, your breath caught in your throat. it was the guy that had been performing earlier adn he was looking at you with concern drawn across his face.

"are you alright?" you heard him ask but it took you a moment to respond.

your first instinct was to grab your phone and check the time. 3am.

"oh my god," you muttered to yourself. hearing you mumble to yourself, he became even more worried. "i need to get home."

you stood up, ready to run out the door when you remembered he was standing by you. "thank you for waking me up, i'm fine." you said quickly, about to push past him. your eyes shot towards the door and you sighed. it was still raining.

he seemed to notice what you were thinking and glanced towards the glass door, the rain falling heavily on the other side. "would you like a ride?"

you looked at him as if he was crazy. you had been weighing your options and running home seemed tdo be the only one before he spoke up, but you quickly shook your head. "i don't get in strangers' cars."

he sighed and pulled out something from his pocket, after a few moments he gave you a small card, you looked at it—realizing it was a school id card. "uhh..."

"my name's jeon jeongguk." he said "i'm 21 and i'm a college student."

you stared at the man wide-eyed. he had offered to give you a ride and suddenly started blurting out his personal information since you had rejected his offer.

"look," he said, "it's raining pretty bad out there. and it's winter which makes your situation even worse. you'll definitely get sick if you run out there right now."

"how do you know i don't have a car?"

"if you had a car you would've already left. it was easy to tell when you didn't leave because of the rain."

you were silent for a few moments before something seemed to strike in your mind and you looked at the student id again. "we go to the same school?" you mumbled to yourself.

"we do?" you looked up to see the guy with an amused smile on his face. "i've never seen you around before."

"likewise," you said.

"so...." he gave you an expectant look. "have you made up your mind?"

you hesitated before nodding slightly.

nothing about this guy made you want to run, something about him even felt oddly comforting. besides, if this guy kidnapped you and took you somewhere what would you have to lose at this point?

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