Chapter 9 - Starbuck

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'What do ya thin so far' I asked 

'It sounds....AMAZING! Oh my god why are you so flipping talented girl?' She screeched.

'Haha. It's a gift according to Josh.' We both giggled then turned around when we heard the cafe bell go off, signalling someone was coming in. We turned to see 5 People wearing obviously fake moustaches, hats and glasses. Scar turned to face me obviously recognising the Fools that just walked in. We both burst out laughing and decided to have some fun with their stupidity. Scar grabbed her camera and we walked over to the 5 clueless boys who by now were seated at their table in deep conversation.

'Um excuse me. We don't mean to bother you but we was wondering if you could take a picture of us?' I asked dangling the camera from side to side whilst wiggling my eyebrows.

'Pleaseeeeee and you better make your decision fast or Jessica here is not going to be very happy if she is late for work. Or if certain people are late. Maybe a certain 5 boys.' Scar you are a Genius.

The five boys looked to one another before slowly removing their disguises in shame.

'How did you know it was us?' Niall questioned. You can never get tired of that Irish accent. Me and Scarlett squeezed onto the table, me next to Zayn and Scar next to Liam.

'Oh please only your guys are actually mature enough to go around wearing fake moustaches and glasses so you don't get noticed' We all laughed as a waiter came by with a lot of food i'm guessing Niall ordered.

'Don't Forget the hats' Louis, always the one to add that little extra something.

'Yes. How could i forget. You might as well wear a sign on it saying 'I'm famous come and get me' then people might not take notice. And Niall really? How much food do you need? There is enough there to feed all of us and an army'

'A mamns gottgaaa ehgeat alrgrihgt' He sorted pronounced through a mouthful of food. Typical.

'Who's your friend Jess?' Liam questioned looking more than interested.

'Guys this is one of my best friends Scarlett. Scarlett meet my new Project.'

'Hey nice to meet' Scarlett said shaking each one of the boys hands.

'Project. I thought we had something Jess.' Louis sobbed pretending to cry.

'I'm sorry Lou you all mean so much to me. I love you guys' A smile grew back on his face as he resumed to eating his food, meanwhile Niall hadn't stopped. These boys really were something although like they said before Liam does look like the mature one. No wonder they call him Daddy Direction.

'So Jess. What's up?' Zayn spoke turning to face me with a drop dead smile on his face. Is he trying to kill me? God he's gorgeous.

'Oh you know the Sky.' The table erupted into laughter from my sarcasticness. Thank you. Thank you very much. 'Nothing much just chilling. Oh and i was showing Scarlett here the song i have been writing for you guys.

'Cool can we hear it?'

'Not until we get back to the studio. I can introduce you guys to Josh and we can work on some video ideas as well.'

'Not fair but we will wait just for you.' I think i might have gone a deep shade of red when he spoke those words, staring deep into my eyes. What is this boy doing to me?


(Zayn's POV) (first one)

From the second I saw Jess, I fell for her. I have never felt this way about somebody before and it's driving me insane. I must be dreaming this can't be happening to someone like me. Every time i look at her my body goes all funny and i go all numb but then when she spoke i literally fell into another world. The way her blonde hair fall perfectly over her shoulders and her eyes sparkle in the light. I've never felt like this before. Although i can't help but notice that i may know her from somewhere. I don't know where or how but there is just something there in my back of my mind ,saying we have already met. I was interrupted from my thoughts by a familiar voice and a hand waving in front of my face wait...

'Um Zayn...Zayn...ZAYN!'

'What? Yeah sure Jess we can...Wait what happened?' I looked at around the table to see everyone laughing at me and Jess looking slightly confused. Oh great.

'You zoned out for a minute mate. Thinking about Jess now were we?' Harry said in-between laughter.

'What? No. I was just...thinking.' Jess had turned away but not before i noticed her blush but then again right now i probably was as well. Great way to act cool Zayn.

'Oh yeah 'Thinking'.'

'Shut up Hazza!'

'Okayyyyy. I think we should be heading back to the studio now.' Jess got up form her seat looking slightly embarrassed as she headed towards the doo,r shortly followed by the rest of us. She walked up ahead with Scarlett catching upto her along with Liam and Niall, whilst Haz, Lou and I stayed back. I am pretty sure i am staring again because to top it of, she has a fit bum. Yes i said it  and i mean it.

'Alright there loverboy' Louis joked as i slapped him round the head

'Shut up Lou' I quickened my pace trying to catch up with the others, who were probably a lot nicer to talk to.


I know i can't. I'm hopeless when it comes to this stuff. Was i really falling for Jess so quickly.


(Liam's POV)

I am not going to Lie. Scarlett seems amazing and i really want to get to know her. We've just met but we already get on so well and we have a lot in common. Maybe i should invite her out one day.... Yeah i might just do that.


(Louis's POV)

So far i have gone through most of the day without thinking of Skylar but she still lingers in my mind. I was doing fine until Niall mentioned her this morning. Wha'ts worse was i had to explain to Jess who she was. Just that small trigger makes my heart break. People always say that they feel empty after a break up but i don't think any of them feel as bad as i do right now. I didn't lose the love of my life. I lost my sister. My twin.

I'm thinking about her again arn't I?

Change subject.......Jess seems awesome! The boys and I cant wait to work with her. According to Scarlett the song she is writing is one of her bests, so now i am overly eager to see it. I don't know, if they know,  that i know it yet, but it is obvious Zayn has a massive crush on Jess and Liam fancies Scarlett. Now i am just waiting for them to admit it because they've got it bad.

We headed back to the studio where we were directed to some recording room, which seemed really fancy. Ooouuuuhhhhhh Fancy. (I love saying that) We all gathered whilst Jess introduced us to her partner Josh. He seemed like a nice lad at least I hope he was. We all introduced ourselves but when it came to me, all i got was a glare which scared me to hell. He did not seem happy to meet me or if i think about it, any of us for that matter. Great start. I mean if looks could kill we'd all be dead already.


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