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Three Years Later...

"Mommy, Benji keeps pulling my hair!"

I finished putting my earrings on and looked at my children's reflection in the mirror that I sat in front of. I looked specifically at Benji, who was quite the promiscuous little toddler, and I said, "Benji, what have we told you about pulling on your sisters hair?"

With a sheepish grin on his face, he apologized to Eloise, and continued swinging his legs back and forth on the bed as the two watched me get ready. Today was my thirtieth birthday, and despite my ill willed feelings towards the milestone, as well as all of my other ill willed feelings just in general about the day, I was feeling quite excited because Harry apparently had something special planned for just the two of us tonight. All I knew was that Annie was coming over to watch Eloise and Benji, and that we had to be out of the door by five o'clock on the dot, so now that I put the finishing touches on, I was ready to go.

I stood up from my chair and turned so that the two could see my outfit in full, which was just a simply black dress with thin straps, and I asked them, "Well, what do you guys think?"

Benji was too busy playing with the buttons of his shirt when I asked, but Eloise, who was now a very insightful five year old, gave me a thumbs up and said, "Daddy's going to love it!" I smiled at her compliment, and then she asked, "When will you be back?"

"I don't know yet honey, maybe after bedtime." I answered her while patting down my dress, and then a knock coming from the front door followed. I almost called out for Harry to answer it since he was usually always downstairs in his study, which he now used solely for the purpose of his model building since he was mostly spending his time in a lab with other psychiatrists to take part in some sort of clinical study. I didn't know much about it, but when Harry was approached a little over a year ago by one of the men conducting the study, he was completely over the moon about having the opportunity to really make a difference, and that he would be able to find out more about how the brain works. I never really would have thought that Harry would want to branch out and use his degree for something else other than to just be a psychiatrist, but now he was happier than ever, and he was actually excited to get up and go to work every day.

On his way to work, Harry dropped Eloise off at school since the two places were in the same part of town, and about a half hour after they both left, it was my turn to take Benji to the same daycare that Eloise went to. Carolyn didn't work there anymore, and so now it was just Jennifer and Dave running the place, with me occasionally sticking around for the full day just to keep her company and watch Benji. I suppose that a person would call it volunteering, but I was just doing it so that I wouldn't have to stay at home by myself all day.

"C'mon guys, let's go say hi to Annie." I said to them as I walked over to the bed to help Benji get down. He was still a little guy despite really sprouting up these past few months, but now that he was able to move around more freely and without assistance, he was pretty difficult to keep up with at times. Harry often joked that he was going to end up becoming a famous soccer player someday, and now I was starting to see that maybe he actually did have that kind of potential. I wanted both of my kids to grow up with the mentality that they could be whatever they wanted to be, and that there was nothing in the world that could stop them from achieving their dreams. So far, I had to say that Harry and I did a pretty great job at boosting their confidence and self esteem on the daily.

Once the three of us made it safely down the stairs, I opened the front door and greeted Annie, who was now more mature looking than ever before with just straightened brown hair that reached her shoulders, and a very natural look instead of the eccentric one that she had when I first met her. She was now a college graduate who lived with Louis and his wife, Celine, a french foreign exchange student that he met through Annie of course, and currently Louis and Celine were back in France to finish establishing her American citizenship so that she could continue living in the states with Louis. They had a truly remarkable relationship, and somehow she was able to completely transform Louis from a total goofball into a very mature man. I think when Harry and Louis were together though it was different, but that was okay, because we were all still kids at heart despite the fact that we weren't kids anymore.

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