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Getting out of what felt like Greendale’s only taxi the y/h girl took a deep breath immersing herself in the new surroundings. Opening the boot of the pale green rusting car Y/N hummed quietly before carefully pulling out her garnet suitcases that had seen oh so many places over the decades. The y/h/c teen seemed quite at ease unlike the now extremely paled taxi driver, when he’d picked the girl up from the coach station she looked very sweet. She hadn’t said much during the journey other than her intended final destination and a few occasional comments about greendale’s history as they drove. Once the town thinned into occasional bus stop or abandoned houses a panic started to arise in the man especially as they inched closer and closer to the dreaded woods. Finally a house came into view, it was wooden and just as eerie as the ancient oaks that surrounded it and fear washed over him, there was no way on God’s green earth he would get out of the safety of his vehicle. It was a false safety but that was a fact he was unaware of. A delicate cough interrupted his frozen state, it seemed to take forever to turn his head towards the window, something was telling him to just leave and never look back. Peering into the cab the youngster simply beamed at him softly almost apologetic about what was to happen, “You will forget this journey, You will forget this place, You will forget this memory in such a deadly hast mote it be.” she whispered laying a finger tenderly on the man’s temple before blowing gently in his face the scent of chamomile lingering long after the glazed over look had left the man's features.

Sighing heavily Y/N adjusted her dress and picked up the discarded suitcases before walking up the dew riddled staircase and knocking on the door. Silence cloaked the girl and the nature surrounding her the only voice the uncertain chirp of a lone blackbird who’d sought solace in the overgrown evergreen. Slowly the door open to reveal a confused blonde girl with a single sliver of black ribbon in her hair an eyebrow raised upwards in silent questioning, “I’m so sorry” the blonde began tentatively as if she was afraid to anger the stranger “I think you’ve got the wrong house” she finished. Ambrose slinked up behind his younger cousin wearing nothing but one of his many silk robes and trousers that hung low on his tanned hips wondering who unearth would disrupt the house at this unsatanly hour (it was 10:30 well 10:36 to be exact). Before Sabrina could argue that she was in fact dealing with the unknown guest the familiar scent of sage and rosemary greeted him.

Now even though it had been 75 years since he’d been allowed to leave the house and probably 83 years since he’d last smelled that particular scent the warlock would be able to recognize the scent and the memories attached to it. Cracking the door open wider his brown eyes settled on the y/h/c girl a grin sneaking its way across his features flinging his arms open in greeting “COUSIN.” The apparent family member just rolled her eyes but joined Ambrose in grinning like a cheshire cat only to proceed in flinging herself at the ‘boy’. “Kettle on?” Y/N asked after Ambrose release her from the hug, her english accent becoming apparent in the statement she’d made and the volume said girl had made it at. The only response the teen got was a chuckle and head shake, by now she’d made herself quite comfortable moving through the house to hurl herself on the old sofa.

Sabrina closed the door still confused as to what was going on trailing behind Ambrose to follow the loud girl, Sabrina tried to ask Ambrose who the girl was but only got a rather rude hush in return. Popping her head up over the sofa Y/N just whispered to herself quickly fingers moving gracefully only to be interrupted by the familiar ear shattering shriek of the kettle “Hibiscus please.”

Well if Sabrina’s life wasn’t crazy enough now she had to deal with another delusion family member.

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