Diggy Simmons Sex stories

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Brittany Has been mad at me all day for no reason I'm tired of her attitude she knows I don't like that shit.

" Brittany come here " I yelled to her while I was in my office "What do you want? " she said rolling her eyes.

"Come here now! " I yelled at her.

"What's up with your attitude lately? "

I said while looking down at here sitting down "I don't have no attitude can I go now?" she said while rolling her eyes again going over to her I grabbed her by her hair pushing her up against the wall holding her neck tight "Didn't I tell you I don't like that disrespectful shit Brittany? " I said while looking down at her "yes baby! Diggy let me go! "she said while trying to get my hand from around her neck "

Pulling my pants down and hers I turned her around with her hands on the wall I thrusted into her fast holding onto her Hair fucking her hard from the back "So you wanna get an attitude Brittany? "I said while going faster "noooo digggy I'm sorrryyyy please oweee yesss " she said while screaming

"You what Brittany? " I said while going faster slapping her ass hard "I'm soryyy diggyyyyy! "she said while screaming louder "you sorry who? " I said while going deeper putting my all of me inside her while fucking her hard in her pussy "I'm sorrry dadddyyyyy!!!! daddy I'm gomna cummmm slowww downnnnn " she said screaming at the top of her lungs "you gonna get an attitude again? " I thrusted hard after ever word slapping her ass hard again "noooooooo dadddyyyy " she yelled cumming all over my dick.

"Get on your knees " I grabbed her head putting my dick into her mouth

I started fucking her mouth hard "This will teach how to use your mouth right " I said fucking Ger mouth hard I cummed into her mouth. So why did you have an attitude anyways? because I wanted some dick daddy she said while rubbing her nipples.

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