{TRAINEE #101 - #102}

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 * + ; IDENTIFYㅡ Username: -peachhwiㅡ Name: Shin Jiseokㅡ Stage Name: Pyroㅡ Nicknames: Ji, Seokie

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. * + ; IDENTIFY
ㅡ Username: -peachhwi
ㅡ Name: Shin Jiseok
ㅡ Stage Name: Pyro
ㅡ Nicknames: Ji, Seokie

. * + ; DNA
ㅡ Age: 18 (I) + 19 (K)
ㅡ DOB: February 3, 2001
ㅡ Height: 173 cm (5'8")
ㅡ Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
ㅡ Blood Type: A

. * + ; EX'ACT
ㅡ Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
ㅡ Hometown: Berlin, Germany
ㅡ Nationality: Korean-German

. * + ; WHO ARE YOU
ㅡ Personality:
• Magnetic : He has a certain appeal to him that draws people to him, even though no one knows why he's so magnetic
• Crackhead : This boy is random. So random. And kinda weird. But he's funny, so it's all good
• Tsundere : He totally doesn't like people. What's love? He brought you a cookie, but only because he made too many! He doesn't have feelings for you
• Happy Virus : He brings life to the room. He makes people smile and enjoy life for a bit. Overall, a sunshine
• Spooky : He absolutely loves Halloween to the point he's in the Halloween mood all year long. He likes to spook others

ㅡ Habits:
• Humming random songs
• Using chopsticks as drums
• Eating anything in sight
• Hugging literally anyone who looks like they need one
• Sending people memes at 3 in the morning
• Constantly yelling, "my glasses keep fogging up," when his glasses fog

ㅡ Likes:
• Halloween
• Stray Kids
• 2NE1
• Dogs

ㅡ Dislikes:
• Soda
• Ghosts (too spooky. he swears they're real)
• Vertical stripes
• Lakes
• Those TV alert sounds

. * + ; HEY MAMA! 

ㅡ Background: He was born in Incheon during a quite snowy day. It was a pretty normal childhood for him in Incheon: he got a younger sister when he was 2, he had a dog named Bark, his parents gave him a bit too many cookies on Sundays. But other than that, life was normal. Then, his father was relocated to Berlin for his job, and the family followed. Life got even normaler, if that can even happen. The family went from a 2-bedroom apartment on the second floor to a 2-story 3-bedroom house with a giant backyard and a garden out front. He went through school like a pretty normal kid: average grades, a couple friends, he had a dinosaur phase during third grade and got a group of kids in his class to join him. Life was easy peasy lemon squeezy. When he was 13, he was scrolling through YouTube at 2 in the morning and found "Gee" by SNSD. He watched it. And then he downloaded the song. And then he listened to more SNSD. And then he listened to 2ne1. And then he just became a KPOP stan. He spent more time listening to music, and he spent a lot of time in his school's music room instead of anywhere else. He entered high school and still carried the love for music SNSD gave him, which led him to connect with a couple band kids who also liked KPOP. His family moved back to Incheon when he was 16, and he started researching on how to audition. He started off by auditioning for SM, but he was rejected. he went to YG, JYP, Starship, CUBE, and SM, but he didn't get in. At 17, his friend Emily Song told him about Monster Entertainment, and how she was a trainee there with their other friend Chati. He auditioned as soon as he could to be closer to his friends 

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