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Today was finally the day that Harry, Benjamin, and I were able to leave the hospital, and I was ecstatic to finally take Benjamin back to our home and get him settled in. I was also overjoyed to see Eloise again after spending three whole days apart from her, and I just hoped that she was as ready to see me and her new baby brother as I wanted her to be.

Harry drove us home in the SUV while I sat in the backseat of the car with Benji, and while he peacefully slept in his seat I watched him with a smile on my face. "He's so beautiful, isn't he Harry?"

I caught Harry's eye in the mirror after I asked this, and he nodded his head while responding, "He gets it from you."

I grinned at him even though he was looking at the road again and rolled my eyes, "Stop it."

He shrugged, "It's the truth."

Benjamin stirred a little bit in his seat, and my hands immediately flew to him to make sure that he was comfortable enough to keep sleeping, which he did continue to do thankfully. Shortly after that, we arrived back at the house where a few cars were waiting, and I furrowed my eyebrows while Harry parked in his usual spot. I recognized the cars to be Annie's and Louis's, but I didn't recognize the other one, and apparently neither did Harry because he looked sort of concerned when he stepped out of the car to retrieve Benjamin's carrier. I got out next, and when we met back around at the front I asked him, "Who do you think is here?"

Harry looked down at me, "I'm not sure."

We both walked up to the front door and went inside, Harry and Benjamin first and then me following behind to get the door since Harry had his hands full, and we both immediately heard the distant murmurs of people talking in the living room. As we approached the entry, I walked in first and saw Annie and Louis of course, as well as Eloise sitting on the floor watching television alongside Gemma, and then our lawyer Scott was there, which explained the unknown car in the driveway. I furrowed my eyebrows once again, but before I could make our presence known, Louis turned his head slightly, and then he did a double take when he saw the three of us standing there in the doorway. "Hey, look who's finally home!" He exclaimed, which made all eyes suddenly land on us, and I swallowed the lump in my throat while turning to look back at Harry just for comfort.

"OLLIE! DADDY!" Eloise shouted very loudly, which made my eyes widen as I looked down at Benji to make sure that he was still asleep and unbothered, which he was, and then I felt a harsh force push against my body. I looked down at Eloise, who had her arms wrapped tightly around my legs, "I missed you!"

I smiled in awe at her, "I missed you too Eloise, very much." I slowly bent down due to the slight pain that I still felt, and I pushed it aside so that I could pick her up and give her a proper hug and a kiss. She flashed me a toothy grin after I did this, and then I turned us around so that we were facing Harry and Benji, "Are you ready to meet your brother, Eloise?"

She looked down at the sleeping baby in the carrier and gasped, "Awwww! He's mine?" She asked me, and then looked at Harry, "Daddy, is he mine too?"

Harry nodded, "Yes darling, he's all of ours to keep and take good care of, just like we take care of each other already."

Harry walked over to the couch and put Benjamin's carrier down onto the coffee table so that everyone could gather around him and view him, like he was some sort of an attraction, which also made me feel a little weird. I pushed that aside though because I knew that they were all just excited to finally meet him, like I was when Harry put him into my arms after I woke up from my sleep, and I just knew that they were all going to fall in love with him like Harry and I did when we first laid eyes upon him. He was special, and that was very easy to tell.

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