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Y/N has always been this troublemaker. She would go to parties and let loose and have fun. Not only was she a partier but she also got into a lot of fights at school. She never really grew up with people watching over her as her parents past away and she has been in the foster care system since she was 12. Being 21 and going to the university of Tennessee she was invited to this one party at a random persons house. Her friend invited her to go. Little did she know she was going to bump into none other than Lauren cimorelli. Lauren is nothing like Y/N. She never has gotten drunk or done drugs and she certainly has not gotten into a fight. When these polar opposites collide will they instantly connect or have a tough time becoming friends? Read It's always you to find out.

Alright guys my new book I hope you all enjoy it. The first chapter will be out soon. I hope 🤞


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