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“You stop too, sir. I think both of you have forgotten that I’m here right now.”

“Please forgive me.”

Isekiel immediately apologized. It would be fun to watch the two, pretending that I’m eating popcorn. However I didn’t like them treating me invisible. 

“He’s one of the few people I allow in my private library so there’s no need to verify his identity.”

Lucas helped me out in the middle of my panicking. I should return the favor.

“Your purpose for this fight was for my safety. So you can stop now.”

Isekiel turned his gaze to Lucas as soon as my words were delivered. He seemed like he was thinking of something. He spoke as if he just remembered, and those words made me feel weird inside. 

“Is he the wizard hired a few years ago by his majesty to become the princess’ talk buddy?”

Uhh, umm. Well, yeah.

I lifted my head slightly to see Lucas with an unpleasant smirk. It was as if he was saying ‘ha’ in victory, but only with his facial expression.

Seemed like Lucas also felt Isekiel was treating him lowly. S, seeing things in this perspective, Isekiel has a bit of a bad personality. Right? It’s not only me who thinks this way about him, right?

Thankfully, Isekiel performed his farewell before Lucas dropped acting as a ‘Sweet and innocent handsome genius wizard’.

“I think it’ll be best if I left now. I thank your highness for forgiving me.”


After he said those words, he walked closer to me a few steps. He was tall enough to block the sun from my view from only this far. Isekiel handed me the book he had in his hand.

“I apologize for wandering aroung in the library. There were quite some books that were interesting. I hope we have the chance to talk about it properly next time.”

I took the book from his hand. The tip of my finger flinched when it touched his hand.

“I will be wishing for the princess to give me the honor of attending the tea party next time.”

He whispered, then left.

“Why is he acting like he’s some kind of great person?”

I could hear Lucas complaining beside me but I was frozen still so that I couldn’t reply back. That was because…… .

“And what’s up with the title of that book? What? [Prim and proper lady Devary’s sweet love contract]?”


I had to scream when Lucas took the book from my hand and read out the title.

“This, this isn’t mine!”

“Ah. The book the white dog’s son said was interesting?”



I’m probably red right now. To think I was caught reading this book I was reading secretly! Not even Lilly, Hanna nor Seth knows it!

What’s wrong with Isekiel! He was reading this book in that awesome pose! Wahhh!

‘There were quite some books that were interesting. I hope we have the chance to talk about it properly next time.’

I suddenly felt hot when I thought back to what he said.

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