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"Dear diary,

I've done something that I clearly thought wasn't possible anymore. I've bonded with that girl. Turned out she knew more than I knew about the outside world. The world people thought was only in myths. I asked her about her family members. But none seems to want to see her. I asked her why she was here. First, she said nothing but later she replied that she was here because she needed protection.

I didn't understand what kind of protection an asylum could give her. But then she explained to me just how this asylum worked. All the rumors surrounding this place was true. Only supernaturals were taken here, but not to keep them in, it was to keep the danger out from people like us. And it worked better for everyone for centuries only changing when the new owner brought this place. He didn't want us here to keep us safe. He just wanted to torture us for being different. And it was too late for my cellmate to realize that. Hence, she wants to be out before the owner really does kill us all. 

For months I was sacred. I don't know how much time has passed since I came here. Maybe it's a year and a half by her calculation. Zach came and slowly made me believe that I was mad. He taunted me, made me rip numerous nurses souls without any regret. 

Not that I had any choice in that matter. Without taking any soul, I would've died. Funny thing is, I wanted to die. I came so closer to taking my life so many times but every time either Zach or Samara stopped me. It would've been a good thing if he did that because he cared for me. But no. He told me he saved me because I didn't deserve to die. Only he was the one to decide when I would take my last breath.

He made me the monster I am.

Today someone had come to meet the girl, maybe a family. He was as arrogant as anyone can get. He came and told the girl that he'll get her out of there soon. Later she told me that it was Danny who put her in that asylum which she hated and now wants her out.

I've seen their auras. When her aura was pure, his aura was a mixture of purity and sin. It didn't make any sense. How can anyone's aura be this confusing? And, he somehow made me angry every time he decided to open his mouth. Yes, I was pretty angry at everyone as time went...but seeing him was different. My whole body wanted to rip him to shred.

Can anyone be attracted to someone's soul?

Was that possible? Then again, you don't want to kill someone you are attracted to. 

So to stop myself from literally killing him, I had to take the soul of a man who used to give us food. I always took souls on a weekly basis. It helped me stay stronger. But this time I didn't have the same pleasure I usually get. It was almost like eating a boring meal you don't even care about. And it made me afraid, a lot. I didn't want to get weak when I had Zach to worry about. I may have had help from a witch to bind my room but I wasn't invisible out of this room. And the more Zach couldn't hurt me, something tells me the more he would he'd try to make me pay."

Harrison closed the diary and glanced out of the window. It was no longer that he'd be in New York. The scenery before him almost reminded him of a normal life if it wasn't Dalton sitting beside him looking as smug anyone can.

This was Harrison's last day of vacation. And, Dalton was coming with him as a witness. He'd give his so-called explanation to the Chief and if needed he'd use his power to manipulate them into thinking everything he wanted. 

As for Aaron, he was still in Tennessee. Aaron was still in no condition to talk so he had to be taken care of. He was Harrison's only friend and he didn't know a thing about Harrison's world. So it was selfish of him to leave Aaron at Dalton's clan's mercy. But as per Dalton, his clan could help Aaron either forget or make him understand things. Harrison so badly wanted to be there for Aaron but people here were going impaient to catch the killer. 

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