My ideas for the character names I made up

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So, the names of the made up characters from the chapters was all just that came up from my mind.

And I'll explain it to you.

Jyunhae(We found you, BTS' son)

J-Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Jhope



H-Hyung in TaeHyung


For Jungkook's made up parents(The boy with the rare eye colors)


Gukmin- JeongGUK

You all know this but I'll just say it for the people who doesn't know.
Taeguk(Im sorry, Taekook's daughter)

Tae- TAEhyung

Guk- JeongGUK

Jaehun(Betted Love to True Love, Jikook's son)

J- Jimin, Jungkook
(The rest I don't know because I just thought it suits for J and I think it's a cute name)
(But many Koreans have this name)

Yekyu(6 Daddies and 1 Baby, BTS' daughter)

Y- Yoongi

E- J-hopE

K- YunKi, JungKook

Yu- TaehYUng

Junho(Do you really love me?,Hopekook's son)

Jun- JUNgkook

Ho- HOseok

Heemi(Do you really love me?, Jennie and Namjoon's daughter)
(Okay I got this idea from Kim Heechul's girl name)

Ee- JEnniE

M- NaMjoon

I- JennIe

Seojeon(Save Yourself, Hopekook's daughter)

Seo- HoSEOk

Jeon- JEONgguk

Yoo Jaehyuk(Hyung! Help!!, Jungkook's high school bully)

Yoo- YOOngi

J- Jimin, Jungkook, J-hope, Jin

Ae- TAEhyung

H- Hoseok

Y- TaehYung

Uk- JeonggUK

Jinwoo(Please forgive us, BTS' son)
(This is from another story of mine but I'll just put it here because I'm lazy 😁)

J- Jin, J-hope, Jimin, Jungkook, NamJoon

I- JIn, YoongI, JimIn

N-JiN, YooNgi, Namjoon, JimiN, TaehyuNg

Oo- YOOngi, NamjOOn, JungkOOk
(I also thought that this name is cute and it suits the story)
(This is also the name of Winner's Kim Jinwoo and PDX101 Lee Jinwoo)

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