Part 3

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Present for my favourite author chooseitwisely I hope you're not too horrified by me butchering your characters. 


The car ride home was mostly done in silence, the music from the speakers not quite managing to drown out my sniffles. The drive wasn't a very long one, but the New York traffic was doing its best to drag it out for as long as possible. All I needed was some rain and the picture would be complete. "Are you still crying?" an exasperated voice asked from the driver's seat, leaning forward to turn down the volume of the music, sparing me an amused glance as he changed lanes, turning into our street.

As he pulled into the underground parking, I straightened in my seat, shooting Seth a glare as I grabbed my bag, other hand going to the door handle. "Do you realise I'm never going to see Dave Grohl in concert again? How can you not be upset?" Stepping out of the car, I slammed the door shut and stalked to the elevator, jabbing the call button multiple times for good measure.

Hearing his footsteps behind me, my arms crossed over my chest as I tried to remain stoic, but the effect was ruined when my chin wobbled. I was always more emotional than usual these days, and seeing Dave Grohl in his final show didn't help matters. Seth casually threw an arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him in what was supposed to be a comforting move, but it was ruined when I felt him trembling with laughter. "C'mon rebel, it's not that bad, he's in his seventies already." Stepping into the elevator, he dragged me in with him, ignoring my glare that was still directed towards him, "I'm sure he'll play you a song if you ask anyways."

"That's not the point!"

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?" he sighed, leaning against the wall as the lift zoomed up to our floor, "The poor guy deserves a break from the industry."

Shrugging my shoulders, I forced myself to relax, dabbing my eyes dry. I really needed to pull myself together, menopause wasn't treating me well and I was prone to mood swings that were more extreme than my usual. Seeing me calm down a little, Seth grinned down at me, his hand moving to hold mine firmly. The gold in his eyes shone brightly as he pulled me out of the elevator and towards our apartment. This concert was a present to mark our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, and instead of spending the night partying with our old friends, we decided to go home early instead.

Fuck, we're getting old, aren't we?

Looking at Seth fondly, I remembered the day we got married. I still can't believe he managed to convince me to go through with it. It was hands down the stupidest, most reckless decision I'd ever made. Yet funnily enough I don't regret it for a second.


With a click the front door closed and I leaned against it with a sigh. I was finally home. As great as my last show on this tour was, I was glad it was over now.

Dragging my feet across my apartment, my duffel bag was dumped carelessly to the side as I headed to the bathroom. A long, hot shower was long overdue, before I planned to spend the next week catching up on sleep.

The last few weeks had been a struggle, waking up dry heaving every morning. The nausea faded a bit during the day, but it never really went away. The crazy sleep schedule and jumping around on stage all the time took a large chunk of my energy, as did the new life growing inside of me.

It was a stressful few weeks after getting together with Seth. You'd think that we would have had enough sense to use protection, but obviously we were as responsible as two immature and reckless teenagers. With dark sunglasses and a hoodie as my disguise, I'd snuck away from everyone during a break after soundcheck to buy a pregnancy test. Not that I needed one, I recognised the signs of my pregnancy pretty early on, but nonetheless I'd sent a picture of the positive test to Seth, before turning off my phone for the night.

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