Chapter 3: New Kids In Town! Part 2

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After Jakobe and Brian leave, Kylie asks Nicholas if he wants to get something to eat at the Crab Shack before they go home? Nicholas says. "I guess." Kylie asks another question. "You sure?" Nicholas replies. "Sure, as sugar." They both laugh. Then Kylie says, "Okay. Let me call dad first and ask him if it's okay." Then she begins dialing their dads' number on her smartphone. Then Kylie and Nicholas begin to walk away from the park. When Nicholas asks. "What do you think that Kayle girl's problem was?" Kylie shakes her head and says. "I don't know, but she was giving me them snake eyes though." Nicholas shakes his head. They stop talking for a few minutes and indulge in the nice warm walk to the Crab Shack. After 5 minutes of walking silently, Kylie looks around her, trying to hone her Girl Scout abilities. Failing, she slouches her shoulders and huffs. "I wish Evie wasn't out of town." Nicholas nods. "Or maybe Finn was at the park and offered to bring us here." He says hoping one day he will be his friend. He's never had an older brother before. Jacob was the closest there was. Sure, his dad did a lot with him, but he was always closer to Kylie and Nicholas never understood why. Being close to his sister was awesome, but he wished he had an older brother too. 

Kylie looks at her brother staring at a puddle with rocks and broken pieces of glass. She nudges him with her elbow. "Everything okay?" She asks. He looks up at her and shrugs his shoulders. "I'm kind of tired from everything. Moving is not fun." He dramatically wipes his forehead. Kylie laughs. "And people think I am the want to be actor." Nicholas and Kylie laugh. Nick looks at Kylie. "You actually already are sis." Kylie appreciates his answer, but it's not 100% true. She smiles at him and starts to say something, but a reckless Mountain Biker runs over a puddle and splashes water onto her causing her to jump back and yell at him. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" The biker yells from a faraway distance. "It's only for bikes you American!" Kylie glances around trying to find any mark or sign that suggests so. She sees the sign right in front of her. She shrinks down embarrassed. Kylie looks at an intersection that looks like a road not just for Bikes. She shields her eyes from the sun and points to the roads. "One of those roads should take us to the Crab Shack." Kylie says unsure. Nicholas looks at her. "Really?" He says challengingly. Kylie can sense his sarcastic tone. She looks at him. "What? There are only two roads. It has to be one of them. And we just walked the entire biking road and we didn't see a building." She sighs. Nicholas looks past her. She follows his gaze. She looks in his direction and raises her arm to shield her eyes from the bright sun. "Oh my gosh! I'm an idiot." She puts her arm down and glares at Nicholas. Nicholas smirks at his sister. Loving that for once he noticed something before, she did. Kylie playfully punches him. "Why did you let me keep looking for the place when you saw the sign?" She says annoyed. Nicholas laughs. "You always find things easily and it was funny watching you search." He giggles. Kylie scowls. Then her lips loosen and form a slight smile. "You're a turd." She says laughing. Her 11-year-old brother got her good. They go left, the way the sign directed them to go.

When Kylie and Nicholas are feet away from The Crab Shack, they notice Brian and Jakobe sitting on the sidewalk. Kylie cringes. "Brian kinda creeps me out." Nicholas laughs. The closer they get, they see that Brian is looking around aimlessly while Jakobe is intensely focused on his tablet. Brian catches Kylie and Nicholas in his peripheral vision walking up to the building. "It's those new kids." Brian looks at them. Jakobe looks up quickly and gives them a quick nod. "Yeah." Then he looks back down at his tablet. "Hey it is." "I think that Kylie girl likes me." Brian says pleased. Jakobe looks at him and smirks. "No she doesn't." Kylie and Nicholas walk up to them. Brian looks at them and asks. "What brings you here?" He asks flirting and lamely bowing at Kylie. Kylie holds back a laugh. "We got a bit hungry after the basketball game." She answers, leaving it casual and short. Brian is staring intently at Kylie. Kylie shifts uncomfortable. "So we decided to walk here. Our tour guide was busy so we got a bit lost." Nicholas says as he wipes his forehead taking the attention off his sister. Then Brian says. "Cool. We come here before we go fishin'." Kylie and Nicholas nods and Nicholas says. "We were here a few days ago with our dad." Jakobe looks up from his tablet for a split second. "It's a nice place." Then he looks back down. Jakobe laughs. He looks up from his tablet again. "How did you get lost if you were already here before? And if you walked from the park, you can go through the bike trail and it leads you to those roads and right here." He motions to the Crab Shack as his brows crinkle. Kylie opens her mouth to explain. But her brother cuts her off. "Well we are pretty hungry, so I guess we'll see you guys later." Kylie wants to explain why they 'got lost' , but she's already had enough of being brave for the day. So she follows her brother into the building. Kylie has an odd sense someone is behind her. She feels a light breath on her neck. Her body tightens. "Sis. Come...O.." Nicholas turns around in the doorway and sees Brian and Jakobe behind them. Brian standing too close to his sister. "Get away from my sister." He demands. Jakobe looks up from his tablet. "Brian! Stop smelling her hair you freak." Jakobe scolds his brother. Brian backs up into Jakobe as Kylie turns around. She's standing awkwardly close to Brian. "Go away!" Kylie yells. Her chest heaves up and down as she tries to gain control. Jakobe and Brian both back away from Kylie cautiously. Jakobe's eyes widen and he folds his arms protectively. "I don't appreciate you screaming in my brothers face." Jakobe focuses his attention to Kylie. Kylie can feel her body weaken and her body temperature rise. A single tear trickles down her right cheek. Nicholas peers over to his sister. Then to Jakobe. "She's having an anxiety attack you butthole!" Nicholas yells at Brian and Jakobe. Jakobe and Brian both flinches. Nicholas grabs Kylie's bag from her shoulder and pulls out a medicine bottle and place a small white pill in her hand and instructs her to take it. He gives her a water bottle out of the side of his backpack. And she gulps the water down with the medicine. She blinks a few times and takes a few breaths. "I have terrible anxiety. It's worse around people I don't know, and I don't like when people are really close to me. It's also worse when I'm around new things. So, when you were standing right behind me, that's why I yelled at you. I'm sorry Brian." She lets out her breath. Normally in these situations, she'd take a little longer explain and apologize slower, so another anxiety attack won't come on. But she didn't want to listen to her therapist. She just wanted to get it over with.

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