Oh S**t

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"ISS, this is Doc, come in, over."

Doc had been trying to raise the station for the last five minutes.

There was a burst of static. Then Francisco's voice came over the radio.

"Doc... Problem... On it..." Doc could barely hear through the static.

"Say again, ISS."

"Trans... Alison... Going out..."

"I'm getting too much static," Doc said. "Anyway, if you can hear me, I'm approaching the portal device now..."

Static was his only response.

"Dr. Bennett, cone in..."

"This Bennett. We read you. Go ahead."

"Yeah," said Doc. "There is some kind of radio interference. I can't reach the station at all."

"That's... Normal... Considering how close you are to the tesseract." Said Dr. Bennett.

"This thing isn't going to fry my balls, is it?"

"Fry?" Asked Bennett. "Not fry exactly... I mean... Your chances of getting supper powers is probably higher than your chances of getting cancer."

"Great..." Said Doc, "that's reassuring..."

Doc finished his approach on the portal device.

"Retarding speed... Established orbit sync now..."

The EVA sled fired a short burst of gasses, aligning Doc with the portal device.

"Okay. I'm at the device. Opening the circuit panel now."

Doc took the electric spanner out of the EVA sled's storage compartment and unscrewed the panel on the portal device.

"The burnt out relay is the number 6 power relay..."

"Yeah," said Doc, I see it. "It's the only one that isn't glowing with radioactive energy."

Doc grabbed a clamp out of the sled and extracted the circuit.

"Putting the new relay in now."

Doc pushed the relay into place and it began to glow blue with tesseract energy.

"Okay. It seems active." Doc said into the microphone.

"I got a green light on my end," said Bennett.

Doc closed up the panel with his spanner.

"Okay," said Doc. "So now what?"

"Alright," said Bennett. "Look for a switch that says 'D6'..."

"I see it, it's the one with the red cover."

"That's the one. Flip that switch."

Doc lifted the red cover and flipped the switch. It stayed for a moment and then flipped back.

"Okay, I flipped it, but it snapped back."

"That means it working."

"Okay," said doc, "now what?"

"That's it," said Bennett, "the portal is active. Get some distance from the device."

"What do you mean it's active? Do you mean the portal is open?" Doc asked.

"That's what I'm saying,"said Bennett.

The portal device started to spin and emit a blue energy.

"Oh, shit!" Said Doc. He closed the cargo panel on the EVA sled. He punched the return coordinates into the sleds computer. The sled turned around and headed towards the ISS. Doc held on tight, being dragged behind by one hand.

"Oh shit... Oh shit..." Doc muttered to himself.

"ISS, this is Doc. I don't know if you can hear me, but brace for impact!"

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