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  It's been three months since I gave birth to our son "Kross Ermias Asghedom" and I'm so happy. I won't lie Hussle is still working on his album and its been rough, My water broke right on the exact day I hit 40 weeks August 31st. All I remember was telling Hussle it was his fault for not pulling out while squeezing his hand and before you knew it I was in the delivery room pushing, Gladly everybody was in town when I gave birth which was expected considering I was close to my due date anyway. When I did skin to skin with Kross it was just the best feeling in the world, His little fingers wrapped around my one pointing finger It was definitely a moment.

   Sometimes I just find myself staring at him, I can't believe I thought I wasn't ready for another one. I cant believe I second guessed him now I have no regrets at all and I don't care about what anybody says. Soon as I posted the picture everybody was shocked and wilding in the comments as if they didn't know I was lowkey! The childish comments like the baby being by Wayne is the only comments that was triggering me but I ignored it those are the people who want a rise out of me that they won't get.

"Can I hold him now da fuc?" Hussle said walking into the room while I was burping him.

"Did you wash your hands?"

"Nah shit Boog ima touch my son with dirty hands"

"I'm just making sure don't do all that extra"

"Your mommy was mad I didn't pull out but now look at her Kross" He said grabbing him.

"Boy pleaseee you probably was doing it on purpose"

"Hell yeah, Speaking of that them six weeks been up!"

"Oh really you were counting"

"I was .. I lost count.. I know six weeks up tho"

"Pull out game better be hella strong! I swear to god Hussle"

"At least you know... cuz Im not using protection I'll try my best"

  Hussle placed Kross back in my arms, and I placed him in his crib. Samantha and Nae is over everyday being the annoying aunties and always trying to get me to go out since its been three months but I don't want to leave his sight even though Im going back to working soon. My phone started ringing and it was Kam face-timing me, He spent a few days with his dad.

"Hey mommy"

"Hey baby are you having fun?"

"I want to come homeeee please"

"Why Kam?"

"Boog I'll go get him he clearly don't want to be there"

"Hussle since when have he ever called saying he wants to come without me asking?"

"When I go get him we'll talk"


  I think now that Boog not pregnant things we'll be back to normal and I'll have my girl back. We'll be back on the Hussle and Boog shit, things was distant on her part. Its been three months though and she don't even wanna go out she want to be in our son face all day, she dont even be in my shit like that. Her six weeks up Im ready to break her shit on hood! Surprisingly Tanisha ain't been saying shit, Her sister Erica been wilding tho about Sammy hitting Tanisha but man my sister was raised by real niggas she aint worried bout nothing. Emani been bored because Kam with his dad and Tanisha only get Emani on Thursdays now, Boog movie premiere soon and she had just got done filming that shit when we found out she was pregnant but she turned down the "Snowfall" deal when she found out. "Tell whoever..  drop him off at the sister house right now" I told boog grabbing my keys, Giving her a kiss and headed out to get killa. He never call Boog and say he wanna come home like that, Usually he wait until she ask.

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