Story Two: First Day, prt.1

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A short story.

Err. Err. Err. I grunted rolling onto my side and hitting the snooze button on the alarm. With a sickening realisation I remembered it was my first day at my new workplace. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad I got the job in fact it was the job I’d worked so hard for in Uni but I always got nervous on my first days. And with my tendency to be prone to accidents the outcome didn’t look too good. A sigh escaped my lips as I pulled myself out of bed; the last thing I wanted was to add tardiness to my list of ‘bad things’ on my first day at work. Moving into the bathroom I showered and went through the usual daily routine, got dressed, brushed my teeth, made my bed, got my things together, did my hair and left my small apartment on the outskirts of Brisbane’s buzzing city. Taking the elevator down to the parking lot I passed the janitor, Greg, a man who over the years had become a good friend of mine.

“Morning Sal” he said giving that pearly white teeth smile of his, for a janitor he didn’t fit into the usual stereotype you saw in movies, no, his hygiene was extremely good. Plus he was only 20; he’d taken the janitor job as his third, to pay off his rent and Uni fees. I often gave him money tips; life wasn’t very easy for poor Greg.

“Morning Greg, how’s life treating you?” I said smiling back at him.

“Good, good, you better get moving though Sal; don’t want to be late on your first day.”

I nodded “Yes, yes, okay well I’ll see you around Greg, have a nice day.”

“You too Sal, good luck with the job, I know you’ll ace it.” He grinned and I smiled meekly. I sure hoped he was right.

My office building stood before me, tall and grey, gleaming under the suns light, the people who walked in and out of it surrounded me, all emitting great success. I gulped, walking into the building trying hard to calm myself down. I can do this, I’m highly qualified for this job and they wouldn’t have chosen me if they didn’t think so. I sighed, yes that made sense. Everything was going to be okay, relaxed I walked easily through the building and up the elevator. All the way chanting to myself, you can do this. You can do this. The elevator dinged and I got off on my floor with a bunch of others, following the crowd to the doors of the main office. As I walked in everyone seemed to glance my way, it was like a first day at a new school. I was the new kid and everyone was eager to get a glimpse of me. Ignoring the obvious stares I walked to my new boss’s office, passing his secretary who gave me a small nod to continue on. Knocking I heard a muffled ‘enter’ and ofcourse entered the office. His name was Vince Johnson and he was the most ruthless and cutthroat business man in Brisbane. It was an honour to work for him. People killed for this job, not literally ofcourse but you get the picture.

“Ah, Sally Reed I assume?” he said glancing up from his work.

I nodded “Yes sir, can I just say it’s an honour to be working for you.”

He chuckled “Thankyou, but I don’t believe in favouring my staff members.”

“But I–” he cut me off. “Now you’ve already been proofed on what department you’ll be working in?” he asked.

“Yes by Miss Kent.”

He nodded “Well good then, your resume was of the highest quality and you seem like a very efficient women. I look forward to seeing how your first day will go.” He smiled at me, I smiled back nervously “Well you may go now.” I nodded and left the room walking to my new desk in the proof reading department. Miss Kent was the head of my department so she was also my boss. Her name was Emily, she’d seemed nice.

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