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I'm more of the Sage in this relationship :/ how about you?

Side note: The time has come, humans. 

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Eu te amo

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H-holy donuts!! What did I just say?!

I ... said it?

Xander too seemed stunned, but after a second, he relaxed and his lips formed a smirk. Staring down at Sage with a look akin to curiosity, want and something else Sage couldn't place, the smaller boy began squirming under the intense stare.

"Certo," he responded shortly after. "I want it here." he continued, gesturing to his lips. His gaze didn't waver nor break whilst saying so, and he waited.

Sage blushed.

Eye contact r-really isn't a joke to him...

A-and despite how calm-ish he looks now, he still looks like he wants to attack me, like I'm food or something!

Th-this was a terrible idea ;-;

The taller boy finally seemed to realize the err, for he channeled his gaze elsewhere whilst Sage gulped in the fresh air, wiping his sweaty palms in his pajamas. Ignoring the pounding in his chest, he boldly stepped forward again, to which blue eyes instantly snapped to him, searching.

Nervous, even?

Sage reached for his face first. Xander studied every movement with narrowed eyes and a tightly locked jaw; he was the epitome of serious, almost dark and predatory.

It made Sage self-conscious, thinking he was doing something wrong or stepping over the undefined line. He stepped away a little, and Xander's relaxed, his expression morphing into confusion at first, then blank.


It wasn't English, but Sage could easily figure out what was asked. He sheepishly nodded. Y-you're looking at me like you want to s-slam me against the wall!

The senior then closed his eyes and asked, "Better?"

"M-mhm." he heard his snowflake tentatively respond.

Unable to see, Xander relied on the slow, rhythmic sound of Sage's breath in order to pinpoint how close they were. A warm hand unexpectedly grazed his cheek, and Xander flinched a bit at the unexpected touch, but he didn't push Sage away nor open his eyes.

Hands then moved over his shoulders, squeezing. "Y-you're so tense, Xander."

His shoulders unwound, a little. "My bad." he murmured, and all of a sudden the hands disappeared from his shoulders back to his face, where the touch moved from his cheek to his nose.

Sage's hands moved everywhere, feeling the softness of Xander's skin under his palm, dispelling the tension embedded there with a single brush of fingers. He brushed away a single eyelash that had fallen against Xander's cheek, reveling in how long they were; almost endless. Then, Sage's eyes wandered down the pale pink pair of lips situated below.

As if on cue, the senior lowered his head to give the other boy a better angle, but instead of delving right into it, Sage boldly traced his thumb over Xander's lower lip. He did it a second time, reveling in its soft plushness.

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