Part 50

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Dodge dodge!

Oh? Why I'm saying dodge?

It's because that's how many times I dodged Riya's attack. She tried to trip me but failed. Tried to accidentally spill spoil milk on me, but failed. And the other things she tried to do but, f.a.i.l.e.d.

I sigh.

Zen noticed her sigh and felt worried. Is she okay? Is she not feeling well?

He made her face him and her eyes met with his. She was confused. Then, all the sudden he put his hand on her forehead.

Eh? Ehhh!? What the? What is he doing? Oh, his hand is warm. Hm, how weird. Ah. Wait, stop molesting my forehead!!!

"No fever." Is what he said after he took his hands off of my forehead.

I look at him in disbelief. What did I do to make him think that I had a fever? Is it him that has a fever?

Zen looked at her and could only be attracted to her red eyes. His hand itch to touch her again. Her skin felt smooth and shiny. Just one hard touch and she would break into millions of pieces.

They were staring each other for the next minute. Lily looked at the young couple. She sigh as she wondered. She popped a popcorn into her mouth.

Sigh, I doubt that they are just friends. Come on, Zen! Flirt! Make her fall in luuuuvvvv with you! Oh my god, can I just make them kiss?

Lily turn to look at the again and was shock by the scene.


Zen was caressing her face with loving eyes and Eve was red as a volcano.

Ehhhhh?!! Eh eh eh?!! What did I miss? Nani!! Nani!!! No!!!

Everybody was looking at the couple with jealous and envy eyes. But one thing is, they're not a couple. Yet.

Eve's heart was jumping and was sure that she was going to die while with Zen, his heart was running and he was sure that he might lose control and kiss her cherry lips.

Zen tried calmed down.

"You look cute while blushing like that." He said, trying to calm himself and let out a charming grin which made the girls squeal and fan themselves.

Eve almost fell for it.

She pushed him away and Zen easily let go of her. Then after that, everything went back to normal and Zen and Eve acted like nothing happened. Lily was confused?

Eh? Where's the romantic atmosphere?

Lily sucked in the air, frustrated.

Man, these people are weird?

Sean came back and saw Lily with her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth in an angry pout. He just went to get some more popcorn and Lily was happy but when he came back, she's...angry?

Sean stranded right next and looked at her face which was faced towards Eve and Zen. Is she jealous? That Zen took away Eve away from her?

Sean sighed.

What a confusing society.

He looked at the couple.


Aghhh!!! Jealously has strucked me!!

Wuuhuu!!! Lily, I feel you.

Lily felt a body right next to her and turned and saw a sadden Sean. As a mother figure, she asked him 'what's wrong?'.

"Wuuhuuu!!!~ Lily!! Cheer up!" Sean answered her and pat her back. Lily was confused.

Sean too?

Lily wondered if she was the normal being.

Perhaps, I'm still dreaming?

(AN: y.e.s.)

The girls then turn their attention to Lily. They look at how Sean was patting her back.

Hmph! She's just a commoner! Why does she need to be with the glamorous group! Unfair! So unfair!

Well, teach her! Hmph! Beware lily! Your happy days are over!

Lily sneezed cutely.

Sean, who stopped being sad, looked at her and was shocked.

Oh my god, I thought babies do that but she does it too??

(AN: Sean...)

Someone's taking about me?

Lily thought and then she felt a shiver down to her spine. She shivered.

What the heck is that?

Zen and Eve walked over to the other two.

"Lily! What are you thinking!!" Eve said and hooked her arms with Lily's. Lily shook her head and smiled.

"Nothing~" Lily smiled.

"Popcorn?" Sean asked Zen.

"Hm." Zen rejected.

Sean's heart: 💔


Sean cried in his mind.


Oh ma god! No! Don't hurt Lily!! Stay away from Lily!!! Stay away!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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