Part 49

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!


A hand reached over to the alarm.



The alarm clock stopped and Eve slowly opened her eyes. Her red eyes come in view and she slowly sits up and looks to her right.

Lily was still asleep.

Well, I'm not surprised since she is a heavy sleeper.

I gently get out of bed while looking at the clock. It was 5:20 in the morning. I woke up for a morning jog.

I haven't been jogging for a while now. I used to jog in the night for 2 hours in my past life. Now, I'm thinking to jog in the morning. I look into the closet that we put our clothes in and I grabbed my jogging attire and after I was done, I leave a note for Lily and then exit out of the room.

Few moments later...

"Oh! The light!" I said as I try to cover my eyes with my small arms.

Trying to get use to the light, I do warm ups and then I started to walk and then jog and then run.

The wind feels so nice!


Although I would like this to last but my legs are getting tired...
No! I gotta keep running! Stay motivated! Keep running like someone is chasing you! Run like the wind! Be like Simba!

After 2 hours....

Drench in sweat?


Uneven breathing?


Legs are uncomfortable?


Still alive after 2 hours of nonstop running?


It was 7 AM and more people started to get up and what I mean more people I mean, students.

Don't stare at me like that!
Oh, the guy is staring at me!
Is he a pervert?
Oh? He's definitely a pervert.
Or go kick his ass—

Wait? What?! Why is there suddenly more people staring at me!?

Do-do I smell?

Maybe I do smell, I mean I did did a morning run...I'm so stupid. I should probably go and take a shower!!

Quickly running back to the hotel, the students around her kept on staring at her until they could not see her slender figure, disappearing in the corner.

They quickly turn to their friends to talk about what they just saw. Their perspectives of her changed for the past few days.

"Oh my god—did you feel that? I felt her eyes scanning me for second! It felt great!"

"Pff—what the fuck?! What's wrong with you?!"

"She's so pretty too! You can't deny her beauty! Oh my god, her eyes are so deadly!"

"It's official! We have a Lady 16 fan club! I support Eve!"

While with Eve, she was in the hotel room with Lily who was eating her breakfast casually.

Eve headed straight to the bathroom with new clothes and took a shower.

Then all the sudden—



Lily who was eating, chocked on her breakfast and quickly chugged down the water. Feeling stable, Lily rush to the bathroom door and knocked on the door!

"Eve! Eve! Are you okay?! ANSWERRR MEEEE!!! Wahhh!!" Lily wailed out loud.

"I-I'm fine! Just fell down the shower!!" Eve answered which made Lily, quiet.

Weird? Someone is talking about me?

Eve thought before drying off and putting on her clothes.

And with that, Lily and Eve headed out of the hotel and see 2 familiar men standing or waiting for them.

"What took you so long?" Sean asked as he stretched his muscles and bones out.

"Well, for your information, Eve was showering and fe—"


"Hai." Lily shut her mouth.

Sean furrowed his eyebrow. Zen looked at Eve's expression and could see her embarrassed expression.

"Alright! Where do you guys want to go!?!" Eve decided to change up the topic and distract them from the previous.

"Ah, I heard there was a good place we could go. I'll tell you guys the location while we are going there." Sean smiled.

Riya looked at the happy group and could only bite her fingernails.

Damn her! That stupid child! How dare she! How dare she! Hmph! Just wait, you will suffer!


Behind the scenes

AN: Ommmm....ommmmm...

Nick: what are you doing?

AN: Meditating~ ommmm~

Nick: how does that even work? I don't get people!

AN: ohoho! Are you curious?

Nick: Wha—! No—

AN: sit, sit, child. You shall discover a new world! Haha!

Nick: *forcefully sits* hmph, now what?

AN: Breathe in and breathe out! Focus on your breathing and how the air goes inside your nose and how the air goes outside of your nose!

Nick: *does it*

AN: refreshing right?

Nick: It's more like I'm breathing your air instead of the fresh air...

AN: !!!?

Nick: Eh? What?

AN: *red* *smiles* aaahhhh~ you~❤️

Nick: E-eh? What? Why are you so red? And smiling too!😓🤔 Are you Okay?!!!

AN: Aaahhhh~~~ Yooouuuu!!!~~

Eve: Help, AN has mistaken Nick's words! Send. Help. Send. Help!

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