Part 48

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"Ahah! The scenery is so beautiful!! Eve is so beautiful too!!" Lily gushed as she glued my arms to hers.

"Lily is so cute that I'm afraid that someone might steal you away!!!" Eve said cheerfully with a smile.

"Aww!~ Eve is thinking too much! I will stay by Eve's side forever! I won't leave you alone! If somebody likes me, I will reject them with all my heart!" Lily declared with a cute smile and a fist in the air.

Eve laughed and patted her head.

"Yep, Yep, Yep! That's it! But, if those guys don't leave you alone, then come ask me for help!" Eve advised her and Lily smiled.

"Oh no~ I'm afraid that will trouble Eve! I can handle this myself-"

"No! You will come too me!"

"No, I can handle myself! Lily is a strong women!"



The two girls that were so lost into their conversation looked at the two tall and handsome men behind them.

Oh, I forgot about them.


Sean coughed for a long time to get our attention. We blinked and I smiled while Lily giggled.

"My, my, my! Excuse us! I forgot that you guys existed! I almost thought that we were at home for a second." Eve joked and Lily laughed.

Sean chuckled while Zen frowned.

Why is Lily so intimate with Eve? What's with the messy arms? Are they complimenting each other? Why does Eve sound like so possessive over Lily?

Zen shook his thoughts.

No. I got to get my mind straight.

(AN: oh my gad—you gay boi?)

They continue to travel and Zen literally bought gifts for Eve whenever she was interested in something.

They came to the hotel with bags. Everyone looked in envy. Some boys looked envy and Zen and Sean while some girl looked at Eve and Lily with annoyance and envy.

Lily and Eve went into their hotel room while next from them was Zen and Sean's hotel room.

Lily and Eve set the bags down and looked around the room I'm amazed.

Wow! So many spaces! Oh my god, they even have milk in the fridge!!

I grab a cup of glass and pour the milk in the cup. Lily plopped onto the bed and from what I could hear, I think she was smelling the bed?

"Ish swell sho nike!!!"


Did she say 'it smell so nice?'

I smiled as if knowing what she said.

"I agree."

She sits up and looks at me with a smile.

"I had fun today, Eve! I wish we stayed like this forever and ever!" She cutely said and I chuckled at her wish.

Lily is a blessing to me. To have her by my side is a blessing. Her smile and her appearance is what makes me happy...Oh no, don't cry!

I sniff quietly. Trying to distract myself, I asked her.

"Want some milk?" I asked her, holding a cup of milk. She smiled which meant yes. I grab another cup and poured in the milk.

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