Part 47

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Did I ever tell you guys this trip will be for a week?

Ah, no? Okay. Just wanted to tell you guys that...

Anyway, we arrived at Farell Deoin! Woohoo! Wow, the trees are so pretty?! How do they do that? I should buy one for dad!

Mrs. Daril explained the directions and the expensive hotel where we are going to be staying in for a week and that we could have fun but no alcohol, no disrespecting and you can't change your group or else you will be sent home immediately if you are seen in a different group!


"Alright! Chop chop, humans! Scatter and have fun but return to the hotel we discussed!!" Mrs. Daril said and with that the students scatter just like what she said.

"So, where do we wanna go!! I heard there is a a lot of good things we could do!" Sean excitedly said.

I hummed as I thought.

Hm, where shall we go?
Hehe, I'm having fun.

"Ah, is anybody hungry? I'm kinda, maybe, starving?" Lily asked as she held her stomach in a cute way as if saying 'don't worry, you will be saved!'

I held in my laugh as I saw her action. Oh my god, you're so cute! I jut want to spoil you and keep you forever by my side!

I happily agreed with Lily.

"Yeah, I think I should eat something instead of sweets. Although, sweets are nice.." I murmured but turn happily again!

Zen nodded, "alright, it seems eating is our first destination. Let's go."

Sean eagerly agreed too!

Yes! Let's go eat! I ate nothing for the past 4 hours because of someone (Psss, Zen) kept glaring at me and suddenly, I learned eye-talking.

You eat that, I will send you back to home!

Sean shook off the memory. It's too scary!! I should probably be blind so I don't have to see that again!

And with that decision, they went to eat at a restaurant.

While they were deciding where to go, Riya was trying to gain Zen's attention.

First, when the groups scatter, She went up to Mrs. Daril and asked if she want to come with them and she replied no. Then Riya hugged her arm and blinked cutely.

"Please~" She cutely said with her big sparkling eyes. Mrs. Daril sweatdropped.

She really didn't want to go with her...! Although teacher were supposed to be kind and helpful to student, well, I'm different!!

"Sorry, I have plans today. I actually have to arrange the hotel it's fine and go enjoy!" Mrs. Daril kindly said.

Riya smiled and shook her head as if she didn't mind it.

"It's okay, you can go! I thought you were lonely so I just suggested that you could follow us and spend time with us!" Riya smiled innocently and glanced at Zen.

But to see him, still staring at Eve lovingly!

Her gaze was now on Eve and her brows scrunch up in anger.

Why does she always take everything she wants!? Why does she always have the attention!? Why does she have better scores than me? What's so good about her?

I don't get it, I don't see it, and I dislike it.

She didn't hear what Mrs. Daril said because she was too busy glaring and staring at Zen and Eve.

When she turn back to Mrs. Daril, she noticed that she was gone and she cursed.

Damnit! She did this to her Zen's attention and also to earn her teacher's affection so that when she is in trouble, she could ask Mrs. Daril for help!

Meanwhile with the happy group, they were eating and of course, the one who ate the most was Sean. The others looked at him weirdly.

"Hey, Sean? Are you okay? You're eating so much!! Did you starve yourself?" Lily asked him, worriedly.

Eve agreed, "Yeah! Don't starve yourself! But that's weird, I was pretty sure that there was a lot of treats and drinks..." she murmured the last part which the two boys could here.

Before he could even answer, he felt a cold gaze on his shoulder and he suddenly knew what the gaze was saying to him.

Don't you dare tell them.

He cried in the inside. His friend was too scary! He was learning all of his cold gaze and eye-taking language that he started to think that he was probably going insane or maybe he was dying soon.

Pity me, god.

Behind the scenes

Lily: I kinda feel bad for Sean.

Sean: You should! I'm suffering his wrath!

Eve: Don't even let me start, You know what I felt in those 4 hours in the bus!? He was staring at me for whole 4 hours!! I mean, I'm scared that if I go use the bathroom, he will follow me and stare at me while I'm taking a piss!!

Zen: I'm offended.

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