Part 46

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In a classroom, the students were sitting on their chair and waiting for instruction from their teacher, Mrs. Danil.

"Alright! I'm going to start counting names! Say 'here' or make your presence known!"

Mrs. Danil started to count names as I looked out of the window in boredom.

Ahh!! I want to go now!

"Eve Vangelia,"

Oh? It's me?

"Present." My voice, loud and clear for her to hear. Mrs. Danil looked stunned but continued on.

Man, Eve was such a lovely and cute girl. Haahh, too bad that was just an illlusion.

Mrs. Danil thought in her head as she thought back when Eve smiled brightly and said she would help her with the papers! Mrs. Danil titled her 'an angel' in her heart.

After the name callings were done, Mrs. Danil started to state names that would be put into groups.

"Group C..."

I yawn and rubbed my face. No way? I'm tired already?

"...Group E! Lily, Eve, Sean, and...Zen."

My ears perked up at the last name.

Oh my god? Really? Are you serious?


I'm dead.

I didn't hear anything.

Nothing at all. Really.

Let's just—

Wait!? Sean is in there too? But how?

Suddenly my mind pictured Sean begging or threatening to the principal and sadly the principal couldn't take it anymore and decided to say 'okie, you know have permission, you fool!'

Haaahhh....typical Sean.

Oh? We getting up now? Oh oh oh! We're going!!! Yayyy! Let's go!





I like the inside of this bus. It's big and has a lot of space. Has a lot of delicious treats and drinks. Has beds and showers. A TV and Music on. Has chairs and seats for everyone in their groups.


I look at Zen who was sitting across from me with the table between up and Lily sitting right next to me and Sean happily sitting right next to Zen.

My eyes twitched.

But, do I really have to see his face every time I look up in front of me!!! Sure his face is pretty pleasing and hot to the eye but I see his face like many times and it makes my heart uncomfortable every time he looks at me with that look on his face!

I sigh heavily before grabbing a cookie and bite into it.

Oh hohoho! This is good! Ahhh...Sweets!! You are my cure!!

Zen looks at the girl in front of him and could feel relax. She looks so cute even when eating. Then, suddenly there were some cream on her lips and his eyes stopped at her lips and looked at them.

The cream on her lips made him have the urge to lick or even kiss her plump lips.

Eve left the cream on her lips and tried to lick it but it didn't work and instead of cooperating with her, the cream falls to her chin and then to her collarbone.

(AN: HOW?)

Zen saw it and his eyes darkened. His hands needed to grab something! Right now, his prey looked so...delicious right now. He needs to stop before he does something out of the blue.

"Mou! Eve, you got to slow down when you're eating!" Lily said as she wiped the cream off of her and Eve giggled and smiled at her.

"It was deilicious though! I couldn't stop!" Was her reply.

While with Sean-pfft—!


he's...doing fine..

Sean, who was almost near to cry for help, held in.

What's wrong with this dude!!! My hand hurts so much! It could—


Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Stoooopp!!! Time out! I'm sorry but what did I do wrong!!!?? God, help me! Help me! Save me! My hand is about to break and I fear that it will be cut off by this devil without any sharp items!!!


Eve and Lily didn't even notice him.

Eveee!! Lilllyyy!!! Help your friend over here!!! Moooouuuuu!!! Even you guys are no help!!! Waaahhhh!!!


Behind the scenes

Sean: HEYOO!!!

Nick: Who?

Sasha: Who's this idiot?

Eve: Eh?

AN: Surprise!!!

Lily: Is Sean going to be in this crazy—I mean good group now?

AN: Yep!

Sean: Hello! I'm Sean! Please take care of me-

Sasha: Take care of yourself.

Sean: E-eh?

Zen: Oh? Sean?

Sean: Ah! Zen! How good to be meeting you here!!

Zen: Sean. Leave and never come back.

Sean: Eh? Ehhh??!! What is wrong with this group!! AN!! You liar!!!

AN: Eeehh!!! You're putting this on me!!!??

Eve: It sounds reasonable.

Nick: Hm, hm! Acceptable!

Lily: Sigh..

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