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Hi...been a long minute, huh? Sorry. Sadly, I think this book has fun its course for me, I'm not really interested in writing any more for this specific book.

But, there are two more things I've written. One is complete and the other is a work in progress, although if you're interested in BDSM or transgender stories, check them out.

So, yeah. This may be the last of this book and I'm sad to say its not very good.


I watch as Daddy plays his video games on the couch as I drink my orange juice from my sippy cup, he hasn't paid attention to me since this morning when he made us breakfast.

He just keeps his eyes on the tv screen, not looking at me sitting next to him with my knees to my chest, in one of his shirts and my underwear, mainly cause he never told me to change or never changed me himself like usual.

I don't know what game he's playing but he's talking into a small microphone that's on his headphones as he leans on his knees and focuses on the tv. I'm bored and lonely even if he's right next to me, I want to do something with him, anything as long as he gives me the attention I'm missing.

"Daaadddyyy" I attempt to get his attention, a slight whine in my voice.

"Yeah, Baby- no not you asshole." Daddy rolls his eyes as someone speaks in his ear, not even glancing at me. I pout, glaring at the side of his head that has a small ponytail on it for his hair.

"Daddy, can we do something? Please?" I ask, setting my cup down on the table and crawling closer to him, just as he curses at someone for apparently trying to kill him.

"In a minute, sweetie." He half-heartedly promises, again not looking at me.

I huff, falling back on the couch as my pout intensifies. I need to get his attention, I'm seriously dying from lack of attention, I need to be babied and loved. I'm lacking in both. As I watch him play his stupid game, my eyes glance down at his crouch that's wide open and covered with a pair of loose sweats.

Suddenly, an idea slides into my head as I smirk to myself. Rolling off the couch, I crawl between his spread legs, going unnoticed as Daddy stares at the large screen in front of him, I push him back softly, again, unnoticed.

My hand rubs him through his pants, finally getting his attention as he quietly gasps and shifts, his eyes flicking down to me.

"Baby, not now."  He grunts as I rub harder, smirking again as I feel him slowly get hard under my hand. Just to get more reaction from him, I jerk his sweats down, along with his underwear then wrap my hand around him.

Daddy lowly groans, shifting again as he continues to play his game and gets harder from me stroking him slowly.

"I'm fine, just play." Daddy orders to his friend through the microphone. I wanna speed this up so he can finally give me attention, any kind of attention, so I lean forward and suck on the tip as I continue stroking him.

"Fuck, Baby Boy." Daddy groans as I swiftly move my tongue around and flick it over the slit on the tip, rubbing him a bit faster. "Just play, Rick. I'm fine, he's just teasing me with a little outfit."

Outfit? Teasing? Keep playing? I see how he is. I'll show you teasing. I suddenly slide my head down in him, deep throating him and sucking as hard as I can while rubbing my tongue along him. Daddy moans as I feel him get even harder in my mouth, before he can do or say anything, I pull off him and play with the tip again, slowly stroking him again too.

I hear a small growl him above me, it only makes me proud I got his full attention now and I know he'll use me as he likes for punishment for this, it won't be a punishment if I want it though. After a minute, I do the same thing and deep throat him again, only to pull off again and stroke him while licking the tip.

He growls but continues playing as if it isn't happening, which bothers me, I suck the tip harder and tighten my hand around him a little as I rub him faster.

Daddy abruptly stands up, his big hands pushing my head down on him and holding me still as he thrust into my mouth, groaning when he feels my throat. My hands have gone to his thighs to steady me as I relax my throat for him, happy that he's finally giving me attention.

I hear a muffled voice yelling through the headset, but don't pay attention to it as I enjoy getting my face fucked brutality by Daddy. He's growling and groaning, holding my head still by a strong grip on my hair.

Everything is gone, I'm only focused on the feeling of the cock sliding roughly against my tongue then down my throat, the taste of pre-cum, and feeling floods of it and my saliva dribble down my chin, I have tears in my eyes as look up at Daddy.

He's watching me intensely with hard, dark eyes that hold nothing, but pleasure and, as odd as it may seem, dominance over me.

I finally got attention.

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