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Hey guys your author here. I just want to say that this book has been an incredible experience for me as a writer. I have learnt the do's and don'ts. I have been suffering with writers block.

It is a horrible sickness that I pray other writers never get. I have been working in other stories while I try to think of ideas for this book. The other books have been going well and thankfully I have finished the next chapter.

I don't know when I will post it but I will try soon. I write my books on my computer so I don't have to type with my phone.

Guys please if you have missed chapters please go back and read because sime chapters refer to the future chapters.

I love you guys and thanks for putting up with me.

FrenchRiddlerToast thanks for always incouraging me and I love you. You are the best school mother a girl could ask for.

Your writer
~Christianna xoxo

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