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Christian drove us back into the city

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Christian drove us back into the city.

I wasn't sure where exactly we were heading, but Christian seemed confident in where he was taking us. He pulled up into a street parking near the heart of the city, close to where the company building was. I could have sworn I've walked this way a few times, but I never noticed the bridge that stood a few hundred feet away.

Christian turned to me as soon as he pushed the gear into park. "I thought we could walk around for a bit. There's a path that cuts under that bridge there. It's more of a scenic route." He explained.

"Sounds good." I nodded, and followed in his direction. The air had a bit of a chill tonight. Luckily my sweater provided a bit of warmth, but I instantly regretted not grabbing a jacket before leaving the house.

We walked along the sidewalk that lead to the bridge. This area of town was completely lit up with lights from the neighboring buildings, and the street lamps. Just as Christian described, there was a divide between the sidewalk, and a makeshift path that had stairs leading down to the edge of the bridge. The path looked the farthest from safe, a path could look, but I did my best to follow Christian and not fall on my ass. There was a section where a step was missing, and while Christian crosses it with ease, my feet came to halt.

"This looks like a health code violation." I whispered to myself. Christian chuckled when he heard my comment. He extended his hand to me. I looked at it... then him... then back at his hand. I mean, we'd made it this far already, right? I thought to myself.

As if Christian could read my mind at this very moment, he said "trust me, the view is completely worth it."

And so I did just that... I trusted him. My hand slid into his with ease as he helped me close the distance between the gap in the stairs. But just as soon as I thought I had found my footing, I lost that shit. In the not so graceful fashion, I ended up stumbling into Christian. My chest knocked into his and the momentum I had made me think I was going to take us both down... but he managed to catch me with ease.

His hand securely wrapped itself around my waist. When I looked up, I realized my face was practically inches away from his. The last time we had been this close in proximity to each other, he was fastening a tie around my neck. The light from one of the street lamps made his eyes look even more intense.

"S-Sorry." I croaked out, as my face went from my usually pale shade, to something that resembled the shade of a tomato. He looked down at me for what felt years and it felt like something I could only describe as going into cardiac arrest. He cleared his throat moments later and eventually let go.

"Don't sweat it, kid. Watch your step though, these stairs are a little steep." I gave him a nod as I finally tore my eyes away from his and we continued on.

When we did finally reach the bottom, I let go of the breath I had been holding this entire time. Now at the base of the bridge, you could see the rush of water that pushed it's way between the cement pillars. There were colored lights directly beneath the bridge that illuminated the water.

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