My new home

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My life has not been a easy one. All my life people have told me that I'm never going to have a good job or family that will love me. I'm now fifteen and don't go to school as I was constantly bullied for my scar across my face. It stretched from above my right eyebrow to the corner of the right side of my lips. I have only a few friends about 4 and their all I need. Jack, Micko, Raph and June Jacks mom. They are like a family to me and I love June like a mom and the others like siblings. Currently I am living in Jasper Nevadas orphanage for unwanted children. Aka me. And I work at a restaurant as a waitress, buts that all about to change.

Your pov
So tiered. I moan in my mind. I've been working for 6 hours straight I think I'm going to die. Letting out a sigh I got up from my chair and put my h/c h/c hair up in a bun (if you can't you just pot on a black allesband on). Giving a disapproving look at my uniform I go to take some orders. It was a bright pink T shirt that read "Awoo" with a matching pair of shorts that went up to 5 centimeters above my knee (the owner wanted me to wear a tank top and a really short skirt but I had refused).

Putting on my best fake smile I walked over to a table that had a few guys sitting at it. The most noticeable a boy with light brown hair and a very smug face. With a smile I said, "Welcome to wolves family restaurant may I take your order?" The guy and his mates looked at each other in a very devious way. "Sure toots why don't you come and have a ride with me. I promise you won't have a bad time~" The brown head said looking over my body.

Great now I have to deal with a pervert, what next? All happiness drained from my face which is now one of disapprovement and disgust. "If you don't order anything you will have to leave." His expression changed into one of shock and anger "Don't you know who I am? No one says no to me?" Ohh now I know who he is, he's that brat that bullies Jack at school. He's gonna try and threaten me to get scared so I'll go with him. I won't deny it Im intimated and I don't usually like to be noticed but I may have to put my shyness aside for the time being as anger has already taken control.

He stepped up to me and grabbed my arm. That's it! A look of pure anger on my face I slapped him in the face causing him to fall backwards. Realizing what I just did I ran to the break room.

10 minute time skip

A very angry boss cornered me in the break room. "Y/n I didn't expect you of all people to act so irresponsible." My head dropped in shame he was right, I was usually the responsible one. But it was self defense, that guy was asking for it. His lips suddenly curved lustful smile his green eyes shining dangerously. "But~ I can let it slide all you have to do is kiss me." I yelped in shock as he grabbed my but squeezed it. "A-and what if I d-d-don't?" His smirk grew wider if possible. "Your fired."

No I can't get fired this is the only way I can earn money if I get fired Mrs Rel (woman who runs the orphanage). But I don't want to kiss my boss. I don't even like him!
"Boss please don't do this to me." "Well sweetie it's either me or you are fired."
I didn't respond. He growled and punched me in the face. Falling to the floor I scream in pain.
He starts kicking me in the ribs. I am a crying mess by now, my head feels light. "What the fuck are you doing to y/n?!" I hear a all to familiar voice shout. One of the only other waitress that I can actually trust.

"Marla I can explain." "It was a rhetorical question you bastared get away from her!" Pushing him aside she kneels down and helps support me as she leads me out and into the restaurant. Gasps fill the air along with some screams. People start rushing towards us some helping support me while others pull out their phone and dialing 911.

Looking down at my body seeing it covered in blood and bruises. Pain engulfs me as a red haired woman looks me in the eye and says. "Hunny are you ok say something." More tears flow down my face as I start to try and form words. When they finally came out they sounded dry and filled with pain. "I-it h-hurts so much... it h-h-hurts." I sobbed. The woman comforted me and kept saying how it's going to be ok.

I wish there were more people like her in this world. If only Mrs Rel was this kind. All the memories of how she sometimes hit me and mocked me of who I was and how I looked. It just made me cry even more. Why, why me?
Suddenly sirens fill the air and two paramedics rush into the restaurant. Carefully ushering me into the back of a Ambulance and onto a bed. They start to speak but it just sounds muffled and strange. A cool darkness starts to envelop my mind. With ease I let it consume me knowing that for the first time in my life I was truly safe.

3 week time skip

Junes pov
I looked at y/n's unconscious body. She had come to the hospital 3 weeks ago, bruised, bleeding and a black eye. Thankfully I had been at hand to help her.We had to perform a emergency operation on her and found she had 4 broken ribs.

I looked at her sleeping face. She is such a wonderful child. But she has so little friends, she doesn't mix well with her age group but can be very childish when it comes to things she likes. She's also a great listener and always tries to make people happy. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met.

In a way I felt like she was my child and seeing her like this made me feel like I let her down. Tears began to stream down my face. She was so young and acted so responsible she should be worrying about school and tests. But instead she was worrying about her job and life.

Taking her hand in mine I sobbed,"Please y/n wake up please you need to wake up." Her body lay there, moving to the rithm of her breathing.
The door creaked open and there stood the kids. Miko looked like she was holding back a mixture of shouts and tears. Raph was crying and Jack was just staring at her.

Slowly they came over and took their seats around y/n. Raph took her other hand and squeezed it with tears in his eyes. Y/n acted like a big sister towards all of them (even my son) and had a place in all our hearts. "Y/n? Please if you can hear me wake up. We miss you, don't leave us." Silence filled the room

"I will never leave you guys you are my family and I love you all to much to go. So don't cry... and Raph please stop squeezing my hand it hurts a lot."

No ones pov
They all began to hug you especially Miko who said you were so coming to her favorite bands next concert.
Suddenly the door burst open and there stood Mrs Rel. Fuming she walked over to the group and yelled, "Y/n you useless pice of shit. Why did you go and get yourself into a fight and get a guy arrested. You are no longer living in the orphanage I've packed all your stuff and it's outside."

At that moment Jane stood up and walked over to Mrs Rel. She looked her straight in the eye with a look that could kill. "That's alright she was going to come live with me and my son anyway and never call her useless or else I will report you to the authorities." Mrs Rel practically ran out the room. You sat there with tears in your eyes. You were going to live with Jack and his mom this was the best day of your life.

Time skip to when you were at your new home.

You took your 5 backpacks up to your new room in your new house. It was small with a bed and Cabernet. A window was above your bed looking out into the street. After Quickly unpacking your things you decided to draw. Getting your red covered book and drawing stuff out, you went down to the living room and began to draw.

After completing your latest masterpiece you closed your book and looked out the window.

Your life has began to take a turn for the best.

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