My Once Upon A Time

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"so we going to get back to the songs with mals ballad my Once Upon A Time" harley said

Here you are alone, and you deserve it
Your friends have turned to stone
And that's on you
You had a cause to serve but did you serve it?
Or did you see yourself in a way that wasn't true?

This is not your father's fairytale
And no, it's not your mother's fault you fail
So when your story comes to light
Make sure the story that they write

"your story" Ben said to mal

Goes once upon a time a girl tried harder
Once upon a time she tried again
Once upon a braver choice
She took a risk
She used her voice
And that will be my once upon a time
This time

Why tell all those lies? You feel unworthy
Like there isn't solid ground for you to stand
But a stack of lies is not a firm foundation
You cannot build a castle on a mountain made of sand

"you did what you had to don't let it get to you" Adam said
"yes but I let my friends down and I shouldn't of lied to them" mal replied
"mal yes you should tell us but you didn't want to lose us by making that decision I'm sure it will work its self out look at us after what happened" evie reassured

This is not your mother's dark desire
And no, it's not your father's hair on fire
Turns out it's you who's not awake
So if there's change you wanna make

"make it its your decision and we belive you will do what you think is right in the end even if we don't like it you need to remember we have your back even if we don't know it" Carlos said the core four chucked at the last bit
"yeah and we are your family" Jay said

Take once upon a time she fought a dragon
Once upon a time that beast was me
Once upon a misspent youth
She faced herself
She spoke the truth
That's how I see my once upon a time
This time

"Carlos is right you did you duty and are going to be a wonderful queen" belle said
"thank you but I don't think I'll be as good as you" mal complemented
"oh no I think you will be better the world is changing and it needs a younger eye to see the direction it needs to take" belle said

Life is not a storybook but life unfolds in chapters
Turn the page and start to make amends
There's no pre-written guarantee of "Happily ever after"
Step into your greatness before your story ends
So when your story ends

They'll say once upon a time a girl flew higher
Once upon a time she made things right
Once upon a tie that binds
She changed her heart
To change their minds
That's got to be my once upon a time

This once upon a time
I'll finally see my once upon a time
This time

"wow we all said it but my god have you got some good vocals" FGM said
"oh yes indeed you really need to use the for good and bless our ears more often" Cinderella said
"thank you I don't seem to sing about much only my feelings so maybe I'll use singing as my outlet to help cope so you may hear more of my voice" mal said
"good I would love to listen to it will I work it will make a great motivational track" Anita said
"yes and maybe it will inspire me I could do some backing tracks for smoother calmer versions" rodeger said
"oh that would be wonderful as I'm not one to listen to upbeat but the lyrics in these songs are very true" jasmine added
"OK so you all want cds of our songs but some want them with a calmer background" mal said
"yes we do please" many of the hero's said
"if that is OK with you all" Aurora asked
"yes it will be our pleasure will it not" evie said looking at all the kids in front of her
"I suppose I could lend you my voice" uma said
"woah did she just agree to do something with mal" Jay chuckled
"I'm in" was heard from most of the kids along with laughs and giggles from others in response to Jay's comment

I would also like a track if that's OK I would love to hare my daughters blissful voice more often" hades asked
"of course dad" mal responded
"yeah it will be better that that broken record paying its self on repeat" celia added which caused the vks to giggle
"yes it would but I like the dog barking it helps me sleep knowing no one will enter if they hear it" hades defended
"well dad I think it's stupid and you need to open your lair up to some light and colour" mal said
"if you say so I'd do anything to make you happy with how your mother treated you I just want you to feel safe and at home when you visit" hades said to which warmed the hero's heart to the thought that not all the villains are evil and only care about them selves.

Sorry for the late update and staying with me x

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