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The Winchester's moved next door to the Novak household when a house fire killed their mother. Sam was only six months old when she died and Dean was four, the same age as Castiel Novak whom now lived next door. John Winchester wasn't home much but when he was it was a happy home, no violence or drinking and treated them well. He loved them boys with every being of his heart.

When they moved to Missouri, on the first day was when Dean first met Castiel Novak. He was sat outside on the grass while his father was inside, changing Sammy's diaper. He heard voices from over the small fence that separated their garden from the house next doors. Dean stood up and went on his tiptoes to peer over the fence, his long hair flopping over his face as he did so. He blew upwards to get the hair out of his face and smiled broadly at another small boy with fluffy dark hair and big blue eyes.

"HI!" He shouted loudly to get the boys attention but rather than him, a smaller girl turned around to look at him.

"Hello." She replied back and he smiled.

"I'm Dean, I'm four years old." He said proudly, swaying on his tip-toes slightly.

"Hello Dean, I'm Zandriel and i'm seven years old and this is Castiel my brother. He's four like you are!" She put a hand on her little brothers shoulder and gave him a small nudge towards Dean.

"Hello Zandriel and Castiel." Dean giggled slightly. "You have strange names."

"We are names after angels." The girl named Zandriel said, swishing her hair slightly. Dean looked back at the small blue eyed boy and smiled at him.

"Cat got ya tongue?" He asked and Castiel looked at him worriedly before looking at Zandriel and backing away slightly. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"C'mon Cas, he's your age. Why don't you go make friends with him? Go on." She pushed her little brother over to Dean before turning around and walking back inside her house.

"Wait there a second, I'll come round." Dean said confidently before running around the front of the fence and coming to a stop right in front of Castiel. He leaned forward to take a better look at the boy but Castiel leaned back away from him, still looking at him wide-eyed and scared. "I won't hurt you."

Castiel didn't reply but only blushed lightly and looked down at the ground and nodded. He scuffed his shoes on the grass awkwardly before looking back up at the green eyed boy.

"Papa, my little brother Sammy and I, have moved here because my mummy died." Dean said sadly even though he didn't really understand what it meant. "I think that means that I won't get to see her for a very very long time."

"I'm sorry." Castiel finally said, his voice squeaky and shy but it made Dean smile.

"That's ok. I will see her again one day, just not soon." Castiel nodded in understanding and the boys stood side by side awkwardly for a moment.

"Wanna play?" Castiel finally asked and Dean looked up at him smiling broadly.

"Oh yes, yes I really do." With that the two boys began running around the Novak's garden playing tag, hide N seek and other games that children play. From that day onwards, the two boys were inseparable. Whenever John Winchester was away he got their uncle Bobby over to look after the boys but it wasn't long before Dean just went over to the Novak's house whenever his father went out and wouldn't be home for a while. The more Dean and Castiel hung around the more Dean found out about his family. It was a large family, with a tall, slim and kind but strict mother and a tall but fat-faced jolly father who wasn't strict at all and just let his children do whatever they wanted... within reason of course. The oldest brother who was 10 when Dean first met Castiel was the one that looked out for all his brothers and sisters. Next was Zandriel who was seven, Lucifer who was five and then Castiel who was four. Their mother had just had two twins also naming them Gabriel and Balthazar who was also six months old just like Sammy was.

The years added more children such as another set of twins named Rapheal and Uriel and then finally a little girl by the name of Leliel.

The boys went to the same Elementary school and also Middle school, however they unfortunately got split up in high school. Because Castiel's mother had so much problems with Dean's school with Michael, Zandriel and Lucifer, she decided to send Castiel to another school which was based at the other side of town. Due to the two boys not being in the same school with each other, they both got involved with two completely different friend groups. Dean, who absolutely loved football and other sporty activities started hanging around with the jocks and soon enough became the captain of the football team because of how fantastic he was, even though he was probably the youngest one on the team. Castiel however started hanging around with punks, moshers and basically altogether stoners. And this is how out story begins....

A/N: Adding a bit of a corny bit at the end there hehehehe. Any who, what do you guys think? Good start for a preview? Not much thought went into it but you get the gist right lmfao. Yay me. 

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