this is where it ends

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o atlas, of curved spine and bent knees
palms raised in deference to the gods
all the stars could shake loose of their thrones
and upon your back he'll still trod.

cursed by lightning, bound in stone
the fates play a cruel game
eternity's burden is a tightening noose
around your crumbling frame.

have you forgotten who you really are,
atlas of the land and sky?
men have crowned mountains in your wake
legends sing of your unyielding might.

alas, waning is the flame that once fueled a war
as timeworn edges are chipped away
silenced as the brace of zeus' reign
and now you dare only to obey.

so i remind you, o atlas
of ouranos-blood and gaia-bone
he may be a god, but you are a titan
and you'll teach heaven to stand on its own.

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