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Hello, wonderful my reader, welcome to Timeless.

I'm not going to lie, this book is pretty much out of my comfort zone—but I'm going to set myself the challenge. In fact, I'm not sure when I will start posting this story here but I have chapters posted ahead on Inkitt, so if you want to check it out there first you can on my Inkitt account: dreaminadream.

Until then, I'm going to leave this forward note up until I start posting chapters! (I welcome the ideas of you guys reading this book and you will have a few chapters to read by this time next year. March at the very least.

Anyway, thank you for choosing my book to read! I hope you enjoy the emotional rollercoaster ride.




STARTED: 30th of December 2019


UPDATES: Regular.

This story is rated 15+ to read and may contain mature content such as language and sexual imagery. Please read at your own risk.

Also note, this book will be written in Australia English/UK English so some words that may appear to be misspelt are not. If you do see an error please point it out nicely. Thank you.



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