Chapter 55: Call The Others

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'So, you three are from the university, you said?'

'Yeah,' Jasper replied as he, Jackson and Toni followed the Archivist towards a bench amidst the numerous shelves. 'Bachelor of Modern History.'

Adam Blanche was younger than they had all been expecting. Considering he had been working on such classified experiments as the one that had caused the train crash, nearly twenty years ago, he surely should have been edging towards his sixties by now.

But, instead, he didn't appear to have even reached his late forties. He was taller than Jasper, by at least a few inches, with broad shoulders and neatly-combed, sand-coloured hair. In fact, he looked more like he belonged in a high school, coaching the soccer team, or something, rather than sitting around all day filing documents in the basement of the City Library.

However; there was definitely an intellectual glint to the man's eyes. Whether that was a stereotyped assumption based on the narrow glasses positioned low on his nose, or if it had something to do with the weird green fleck next to the pupil of his otherwise brown eyes, Jasper couldn't tell.

At Mr. Blanche's gesture, the three of them each took a tentative seat, and he rounded the bench with a trolley filled with files, in tow.

It was hard to act so normal when the man who was standing so close he could strangle them, could quite easily be the very person who'd want to do exactly that.

He tried to size him up, in comparison with the Silver Scorpion. But unless he placed Adam on a large, scorpion steed replica, in a silver suit, he was going to have a hard time spotting any similarities.

They had come under the pretence of doing a research report for their university project.

Quentin had booked them in with a visit to the Library's Archives just yesterday. How she had managed to ensure that they would be guided by Mr Blanche, he didn't want to know. That girl mightn't be a mutant, but she was scary powerful in her own respect. For all he knew, she was probably one of those kids who hacked into some government association when she was eight...

'And you need documents surrounding the founding of Scorp Tech?' Mr Blanche asked, gazing at them all with raised eyebrows.

'Yep,' Jackson nodded.

'And you couldn't just use the internet for this? Isn't that what all you kids do, these days?'

Jasper was moments away from pointing out that all three of them were above the age of twenty-five, and therefore could hardly be described as kids, but Toni cut in, first.

'Our assignment requires that we use a few first-hand sources,' she explained. 'One of our friends told us that the Library Archives might have some of the founding documents and, well, here we are.'

She even offered a small, polite smile, but Adam merely kept hold of his dubious expression for a few moments longer.

'Luckily, your friend was right,' he said with a brief shake of his head, as though clearing off a thought or two. 'If you three would wait here, please, I'll go collect the documents you need. I'll only be a few moments.'

This guy was clearly rather prickly, and definitely not a great socialiser, but either personality trait was much too general to match him up to the villain they were after. But it was still early days. If he begun to show any homicidal tendencies as the evening progressed, then they could start making assumptions.

When Adam disappeared into a closed room on the adjacent wall, the door clicking shut behind him, Jasper turned to the others, eyes gleaming with a question.

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