Chapter 24: The Dark Spires

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Red's POV

"DOROTHY!!!" I heard Snow screaming. My mind raced as I tried to figure out what happened. I pounded the man with my blazing spheroids as he grits back in annoyance. I was breathing heavily while Snow stood up in anger as she charged.

"You're going to pay for this, Gisbourne" The name gave me a painful shot behind my eyes. I know this man from somewhere.

"You're- you're the hunter" I said as I backed away from him. He flashed a grin and did a curtsy.

"Indeed, my name is Gisbourne, dear. Perhaps I could tell you my name before killing you" He chuckled.

"You're the one who killed the wolf in my village" I said to him. His smile faded as he stared back at me in confusion.

"Red, get away!" Snow shouted as I blocked her.

"No, wait" I muttered.

"You're the hunter who saved the townspeople, you were our hero" I said to him.

"Why are you doing this?"

There was a long pause of silence before Gisbourne lashed out unexpectedly, nearly decapitating me in the process if not for Snow who countered it in the last seconds. Snow charged as I leapt at Gisbourne like how we defeat him last time.

"I see" He veered his arms straight for my neck before I could even get close to him and flung me to Snow as the two of us groaned from the impact.

"Do you really think you can outsmart me? Even your champion friend has gone out of tricks up her sleeve" He laughed diabolically as Snow gritted her teeth in anger while tears fell to her face.

"How dare you!" I surged out as my hands ignited in flames, connecting to his jaw. Snow then reaches out to her sword and thrust it to his gut. Gisbourne growled in agony. Anger has blinded me as my whole arm burst into flames. Snow stepped back in shock as she leaves her sword sticking out of Gisbourne's torso as I pulled it before digging my hands deeper into his wound.

"You killed Dorothy!!! You don't deserve to die just so quickly, you monster!" I raged, Gisbourne screamed and thrashed before smacking me right before pain ruptured at the side of my face as I fall down. My sight was blurred with anger as I glared at him with murderous intent but the adrenaline was fading away and I can feel my energy running low so quickly that I see myself gasping for breath.

"What are you?" Gisbourne retreated as he clutched his smoking chest.

How much more should I do to kill him? I thought. He was about to run away when Snow blocked his path.

"Running away, again?" The look in Snow's eyes made me forget her beauty and get terrified as she tries to hack Gisbourne into pieces but I was submerged with dread as I noticed the wounds at his back healing slowly.

"By no means, dear" Gisbourne grinned as their swords danced with murder. Each blow giving Snow a hard time holding her sword but she fought back restlessly. I can hardly stand up now, my hands were shaking and sweat started falling from my temples.

"Red, get out of here" Snow roared.

"No, I won't let anything happen to you!" I replied back.

"Red" Snow said as she gives Gisbourne a fatal blow to his neck.

"Don't let Dorothy's sacrifice be in vain, take Robin with you. I'll take care of Ella" She continued before swerving her sword to Gisbourne's torso.

"As if you'd win" He grunted while coughing out blood. I tried to focus but my sight just went blurry with all the magic I've used.

"Snow, I can't just le-leave you"

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