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Palmistry is a very fascinating kind of astrology and holds the interest of many people. It is an art of predicting someone's future by reading the lines that are engraved on the palm. Palmistry In Bangalore gives a lot of options and facts about a person if they show their palm to an astrologer. It is not everyone's cup of tea to read the lines on the palm until the astrologer is well-read enough. There are many things that you can find out just by Palm Reading In Bangalore. The astrologer must have years of experience of Palm Astrology In Bangalore and by experience only, they will be able to depict your future in detail.


The heart line is also known as the love line and I basically cover all the intimate relationships including your relationships with friends, family, loved ones, and other. But here we will be explaining about the love life. Everyone does not have the same love line in size, shape or thickness. Some people have a short heart line and some have thick and a very prominent love line. This does not mean that they will not find love or will not get married in their life. The life of each person is different and so are the lines and so will be the love life or the marriage life.

Long Love Line Stretching On Both Sides – These types of people are typical lovers and will keep their better half depended on themselves. They might have codependency issues and will be obsessive caretakers.

Love Line Is Very Short – If the love line is very short and it does not touch both sides of the palm then those types of people are very self-centered in a relationship and will mostly talk about themselves so you don't have to worry about carrying the conversation forward.

Deep And Straight Love Line – People with deep and straight love line will be the jealous and controlling type. They will always have a doubt on you and will keep an eye on you all the time. They will be the ones who are authoritative in the relationship and will make most of the decisions for both. They will enjoy being possessive over you and will have a controlling influence on your life.

Love Line Is Wavy - This clearly indicates that their love will face instability. If the line is a wave and touches both the sides then the person then this means that the person is emotional and needs someone who can pamper them and take care of their emotional needs. A shorter wavy line will indicate that the person is unable to have a long and stable relationship but will have small and unstable relationships.

Faint Love Line – If someone has a faint love line then it is a warning sign to the person they are dating. These type of people need a lot of space and will be considerate only about them. They are good for small flings but not good for a long term relationship and they would also not consider another person's emotional life as important. 

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