Chapter 54: We Can't Just Steal Her Diary

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'I can't say I missed this place,' Quentin sighed under her breath as Elizabeth parked the van opposite the great walls of The Lights Central High School.

Early in the morning, as it was, students were still filing through the ostentatious gates, and she found she had to resist ducking when she caught sight of several familiar faces.

'Okay so... are you sure that our paperwork would have uploaded to their system, by now?' Elizabeth asked, turning off the ignition.

'Of course, I was working on it practically all of yesterday,' the girl replied with a confident nod. 'As far as they're aware, you're a prac teacher by the name of Miss Tabitha Baker, nearing the end of your master's degree, and coming to study under Ms Patton for a couple of days. Meanwhile,' she turned to Elliot. 'You're in their system as Chris O'Ryan, a transfer student from one of the cities up north.'

He nodded, slipping on his reflector sunglasses.

'Do you think they'll let me wear these, inside?'

'I made sure to put extreme light-sensitivity as one of your health issues on your transfer file.'

'One of?' he rose a questioning eyebrow. 'What else did you put?'

'Oh, just the usual...' she shrugged, not bothering to elaborate. 'But they don't know you're blind, so you're going to have to ham up those acting skills of yours. I've given you an identical timetable to my own, so I shouldn't be too far away at any given time. And Elizabeth - or should I say Miss Baker... We have a double of Chemistry just before lunch, with Miss Patton, so we can meet up just after that.'

'Good, I'll see if I can find anything on her, beforehand.'

'Just... don't get caught, will you?'

'Caught?' Elizabeth offered her a sly grin. 'Give me a bit more credit, Quentin. I've been doing this kind of thing for nearly as long as you've been alive. It's you that I'm worried about, especially seeing as you're the only one without a cover.'

'They already know who I am,' Quentin protested.

'Exactly. Which means you'll have to come up with a much more believable excuse.'

'Don't worry, I already have one sorted. Mostly...'

'Yeah that's... that's not reassuring,' Elliot sighed.

'It'll be fine. You'll see.'

'Alright, well you two had better head off. Wouldn't want to be late for class,' Elizabeth grinned jokingly. 'I'll go move the van and I'll see you in Chemistry.'

As Quentin and Elliot both slid out of the passenger door, she called out one last thing.

'You kids have fun at school!'


'So, let me get this straight... for the past month, you've been on a hiking trip with your brother?'

Quentin shrugged, offering a loose grin to Mel and Sophia who had turned around in their seats in front of her, so they could talk before class started. 'It was more of a camping trip, really, but we did hike around the valley a fair bit.'

Normally she would be the one seated next to Mel, with Sophia sitting at the desk in front of them, but it appeared that such arrangements had shifted slightly in the past weeks. Surprisingly, the thought that her absence had made her somewhat of a third wheel didn't bother her as much as she had anticipated. She was just glad that they hadn't sussed her out. Yet.

As was to be expected, her friends had bombarded her as soon as they caught her walking through the gates. She barely had the time to direct Elliot towards the office before the two of them had her swarmed, and she'd been answering their rapid-fire questions all the way to their first period of English.

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