My Free Writes/Poems

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I free write. So don't hate on the fact that I don't rhyme half the time nor have a rhythm lolol xD

I figure that I'll write in BOLDthe description, or topic of the poems, considering they're pretty miscellaneous.


This one I wrote a few days ago -Nov. 7- on my iphone 'cause it just popped into my head; it's short and simple, but I had written it after my boyfriend left my house who I wish I could say those "three words" too but can't seem to get them out 'cause I'm not sure if he feels the same way back to me. lol.

Won’t you listen to me, can’t you feel what I feel?

Those words, those painful words, they won’t bare leave my lips

The way you look at me, the way you talk to me

My heart feels so light, my mind floats away

When it’s you and me, we’re the only song in the world


This one I actually wrote back in August when my ex broke up with me.

Butterflies against the wall, wishing to be free.

My hearts about to shatter, how could you do this to me?

Your head asleep against my chest, I cannot bear to sleep.

The clock is ticking faster faster, this night I want to keep.

My heart for you I never shared, I knew you never cared;

The way you looked, the way you laughed, I knew that you weren’t scared.

I feel you shuffle in your sleep, I cringe the thought of you waking.

For I knew this was our last night, that I could ever hold you.

Racing even faster now, my heart just might explode;

I’m scared to even break a tear, but those I cannot hold.

I loved you more than life itself, I told you every day.

I loved you so I didn’t care, the price was worth the pay.

My heart I gave to you, I don’t want it back.

You’ve tampered with it; it’s full of hate and turned black.

I feel you wake and squeeze my hand that layed with mine throughout the night.

Every breath I feel in you I count and close my eyes in fright.


This one is more or less just about lies. A little dumb. lol.

Dancing with your sheep skin on

Hiding from truth,

Prancing with that mask you wear

I can see your tooth.


I'm madly in love with this

I want to tell you how I feel, like how you make my dreams surreal.

I’ll say you mean the world to me, and that you are my cup of tea;

More thoughtless words drawn on a card, to buy such things just to discard,

But words cannot express these thoughts that roam; I want to call your heart my home.

You are my moon, my stars, my northern lights; all that shines throughout the night.

Please don’t use my heart, my dear; it’s all I have, for that I fear.


just free writing, doesn't really sound like a poem, just getting my sadness out.

So many secrets, so many lies;

I just can't believe you with all that you hide.

I love you, I need you, I never could leave you,

But give me some light, just give me some air.

You do things I question, I see with my eyes,

But when I confront you you only deny.

You tell me you stopped, you tell me these lies,

I see it all over, I try to forget,

-each and every day it gets worse and worse;

my heart can't take this, my mind goes numb;

I see it again, you told me you stopped;

You won't touch me, you won't talk to me

Is it me? Am I not pretty?

No, you tell me I'm beautiful, you smile but I just can't tell

What's real and what's fake, this I just can't take.

I hurt every day, I wish you could know

How much I love you, how much I crave you.

With what I see, what you think I don't see,

What you do behind my back, what you hide, what I lack.

I see it all the time, before you hide so I don't know

You told me you stopped...

Is it more than what i think?

I need an heart is going numb.

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