10• Spill the Motherfucking Piping Hot Tea

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10• Spill the Motherfucking Piping Hot Tea

FOR a moment, the butterscotch creamer that Alex was pouring into her iced coffee really messed with my head

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FOR a moment, the butterscotch creamer that Alex was pouring into her iced coffee really messed with my head. The mystery girl had just told me days ago how she tried butterscotch creamer for the first time and it was her new favorite. So when I went back outside, I decided to text her.

Jesse: What are you up to?

While I waited for her response, I wasn't sure what I was expecting to get out of it. It's not like she was gonna text back and say, Oh yeah, I'm hiding out in my room because the entire boy's basketball team is at my house. I stood outside next to some of the other guys while they talked, but I couldn't really tell what they were talking about. That's how in-my-head I was. But then again... over half of the girls in the school drink coffee and probably like the flavor butterscotch. I was just reading into this way too much.

It kind of felt like I was searching for reasons to find my mystery girl and know who she was in person. Even though we agreed to stay anonymous, I couldn't help my curiosity.

Mystery Girl: I'm at a sustainability festival.

There was a picture attached of some festival and I clicked on it to get a better look.

See, you stupid? She's not the mystery girl just because she drinks coffee.

Now that I'd started a conversation, I decided to say something else.

Jesse: Look at you being all sustainable. If only I was that environmentally friendly... My girlfriend would probably like me more.

Mystery Girl: Oof, you talk about your girlfriend like she absolutely hates you.

Jesse: Because she does hate me UNITL she decides to love me again.

Mystery Girl: Sounds healthy.

I put my phone back in my pocket right as DeShawn said my name to get my attention. I looked over at him and walked towards him, Zach, and one of the new additions to our team this year, an Australian guy named Alexander who was a junior transfer from Australia (obviously).

"What?" I said.

"Tyler looks like he's about to murder you or something," DeShawn said, nodding behind me. I slowly turned and saw Tyler standing over by some of the other guys, glaring at me. I turned back to DeShawn and the others, confused.

"Um, that's weird," I said. "I don't know why he would want to kill me."

"Maybe cause you're taking a crack at his sister," Alexander suggested.

"I'm not taking a 'crack' at Alex, she's my lab partner," I said. "We're not even friends, just... acquaintances who sometimes have a class together."

"So you going inside to talk to her isn't flirting?" Alexander asked.

"He has a girlfriend," Zach told him since Alexander probably didn't know that, as he really had just moved here a week or so ago. "Not flirting, but being very friendly."

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