Part 75 - Extra Food

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"Gabriel said that there's a food bank not far from here" Rick approached us, Gabriel peeping at us from behind Ricks shoulder. "I'll draw you a map-" Rick cut him off "You don't need to... You're coming with us" Gabriel fiddled with the cuff of his suit "I-I'm not gonna be of any help... You saw me. I'm no good around those things" Rick shook his head. "You're coming with us" with that he left and when and sat down next to Carl I assume he was asking him to stay here and care for Judith, or maybe I was? Rick made it clear last night that he didn't want me going today. "Bu-but It's overrun..." Gabriel raised his voice slightly which caught Rick's attention. "How many?" I asked. "A dozen or so. Maybe more." "We can handle a dozen, I will go with you, Tyreese should stay here, help keep Judith safe?" Sasha questioned. "That'll be okay?" Rick asked Tyreese walking over to him. Tyreese nodded "Sure. You ever need me to watch her, need anything for her, I'm right here" Rick shook his hand. "I'm grateful for it, and everything else... Jess, stay with Tyreese, keep Judith safe" I just nodded and approached Tyreese.

The rest of the group geared up and left the church, they needed to get going before it started to get dark. Judith began to cry, it was time for her food, I trudged to my bag and grabbed Judith's bottle and some of her formula, shook the bottle up and made my way over to her to feed her. She stopped crying instantly, and her cries stopped echoing through the church. I felt so exhausted, the last week had been so tough on all of us and it was starting to get to me. I plopped myself down next to Judith's basket, where she slept, and let out a deep sigh. Tyreese came over and sat next to me "You okay Jess?" He asked, I nodded "Yeah I'm fine, I'm just really, really tired, I've have some trouble sleeping lately" Tyreese placed his hand on my knee "We'll all get through this, it'll get better" he assured me, I let put another sigh. "I don't know if it will" I paused and looked down at my stomach, thinking about the baby, our baby, mine and Rick's. I didn't know how this would work. "How are we going to look after this bab-" A shearing pain ran through my abdomen and stayed there for a few moments "Arghhhh!" I clenched in pain and fell off the pew I was sitting on "Jess what's wrong? Someone help!" Tyreese came to my side, trying to help me back up. I look up to see Eugene in front of me, "Jess what do you feel?" He asked "What? You aren't a doctor, you won't know what's wrong, what if I'm losing the baby?" I rambled, I didn't know what was happening, the pain was starting to subside. "I had some medical training, I'm more than qualified to check you over" he reassured me. "My stomach, the pain, its stopping" I said, Eugene lifted my top up so my stomach was exposed, I flinched "Its okay jess, you can trust me" I just nodded, Eugene felt around my stomach, his face was filled with concentration. I hadn't even realised that I was actually starting to develop a baby bump, I couldn't get rid of this baby now, I just couldn't, I started to tear up. "When was the last time you ate Jess?" Eugene questioned, "Erm, I can't recall" I replied flicking the tears away. "What about sleep?" He asked again. "Last night but not much, I've been having trouble sleeping lately" I said. "You gotta eat, now, Tyreese could you find something for her? And after that you need to go and sleep." Abraham chimed in, taking control of the situation when ever Rick wasn't here, as usual. "What about Judith?" "I can take care of her" Tyreese replied giving me a can of food to eat before I went to sleep. I opened the can to reveal fruit in sugar water, I took a spoon and scooped out the first spoonful, a variety of flavours danced on my taste buds as I began to devour the whole can. I wasn't used to that amount of food in my system at any given time so naturally, it made me sleepy. I set the can down on the pew and trudged sleepily to my makeshift bed Rick had made for me the night before. I practically collapsed on to it and fell asleep as my head hit the pillow.

"Jess, Jess wake up baby" I was softly woken from my dreamless slumber. "Hmm? What is it" I yawned, stretching out evert limb I had, my fingers and my toes too, it felt good. I rubbed my eyes until my vision became unblurred, I saw Rick's face smiling down on my. "Hey beautiful, Tyreese said you were out back." He replied to me. "Rick!" I pulled him into a hug and wrapped my arms around him. Rick let out a chuckle, "Come on in. We found food. A lot of it." "Awesome" I cheered as Rick helped me up on to my feet. The same shearing pain went through my stomach "Argh!" I cried, clenching my stomach. "Jess what's wrong? Is it the baby? Tyreese help me!" Rick yelped "I'm fine Rick, the baby is fine, I just need to get some food in me that's all" I pleaded. "I just need to sit down" I stated, Rick held on to my arm and guided me to one of the pews where everyone was sitting, and we began to eat. "I'd like to make a toast, Abraham declared "Now, we get Eugene to Washington and he will make the dead die and the living will have this world again." He said causing everyone to cheer and raise their cup.

"We can save the world for that little one" he continued, pointing at Judith. "Save it for yourselves. Save it for the people out there who don't got nothing left to do except survive." He finished, Judith let out a coo and gargled at her father. Rick chuckled as she wrapped her hands around his thumbs "I think she knows what I'm about to say...She's in. If she's in, I'm in... We're in." He chuckled again, everyone started to clap and laugh with him. "Here's to survival" I said.

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