Mr Prince Charming:Chapter 4

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  • Dedicated to Mr. Murphy (My history teacher :P)

***Amber's POV***

As soon as I finished cleaning I went straight to bed. I was so tiered that I even fell asleep in my maid outfit.


Josh and I were sitting in my room at my house when my mom yelled,"Josh!!! Amber!!! Time for dinner!!!" We looked at each other then went down stairs knowing that she wouldn't give up trying to get us to come down. We raced each other to the dinning room and he won. Of course. He was sitting there with this face that said 'Haha I won!!! You lost!!! Haha!!!' I just wanted to smack that smile right off his face!!! I didn't though because that would have meant that he would mock me even more when he saw me try and hit him and miss. Ugh!!! Why???

After dinner we went back upstairs and he tried to convince me to play Call Of Duty or some other lame shooting game but I just said,"No. I suck at those games and you know it!" He looked at me then agreed that I do suck at those games and he said,"Fine I will just play all by myself." I laughed at him but said,"Okay mister negative. You have fun with Call For Losers!!! Hahahaha!!" I couldn't help but laugh again at him. He had this stupid look on his face that made me want to take back what I said about the game but I didn't. I just walked away and went to my room.

When I got to my room I changed into my pajamas and decided that I would try and go to sleep. After all I was kinda tiered. I layed down but as I did my phone rang. It was the song 'Falling In Love' by Candy's Riverhouse.(my brother's band!!!) I groaned then answered the phone.

Me:Hey Brad.

Brad:Hey babe. What's up?

Me:Nothin. Just trying to get some sleep.

Brad:Oh yeah. You were up all night at the 'Three Days Grace' concert with me last night.

Me:Yeah. You know after that concert I think that I never want to hear them ever again. Not that I ever really liked them at all.

Brad:Oh come on, babe. You know you had fun.

Me:Yeah sitting on a hard chair all night while your ears get blasted off is so much fun!!(Note the sarcasm)

Brad:Oh well your ears are fine now So do you want to go to the park with me?

Me:Sure. Pick me up?

Brad:Of course. Bye, babe.


I hung up the phone and got dressed. As soon as I was dressed I walked out of my room to go tell Josh bye. I went into the den and found him yelling into the Xbox microphone. I laughed at him as he yelled at the other team for cheating. He was so weird some times.

I walked over to the couch an stole the controler. After a few times dying I gave up and paused the game. I looked at him and saw that he was staring at me like I was insane. I laughed at him and said."Going to the park. See ya later."

"Why are you going to the park?"

"Brad asked if I wanted to go."

"Oh well then bye." He said looking back at the T.V. screen. I looked at his face and knew that something was bothering him.

"What's wrong Josh?"

"Nothing. Just go have fun at the park."

"Josh, I know you better than that. There is something wrong." I tell him.

"Well I don't know? I just don't like the idea of you and Josh going to the park so late. I mean didn't you notice that it's already 2:00 in the morning?"

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