Selene and Persephone

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Hades hadn't returned to underworld since past two days and I was panicking. He never does that... Was he still angry from me? I was waiting by the doors all night but he never showed up.

Dad told me that it's his duty to ensure the working of world and it is not an issue if he disappears for some days but my conscience screamed otherwise.

I will go to find him. It was the first time our mind links were separated, an hour ago they just closed off.. I could feel his heartbeat but not his least earlier I knew he was safe. I am losing my mind.

I need to go right now.

"My Queen" a demon warrior called out.


"Eros wants to enter underworld. He wants to meet you."My blood boiled with rage, wasn't last time enough to deliver his message.

"What does he wants?"

"Queen he said he knows the place King Hades is at." My ears perked up at that.

"Let him enter." the soldier looked like he was appalled to do that but complied nevertheless.

I walked to the throne sitting on it. I will not let Hades out of my sight once he gets home. A feeling of dread and apprehension filled my veins and I prayed that he was alright.

"Queen Persephone." Eros bellowed.

"Quit your games Lord Eros, where is my mate?"

"Well, well impatient aren't we."

I bared my teeth at him, my canines elongating. His eyes widened as he took several steps back.
"Impatient as well as lethal."

"Now we aren't so smug, are we? Where is my King?"

"Starlight Palace" I froze...why would Hades go to Selene's palace, it wasn't safe.

"Tell me the truth and I will give you whatever you want or keep telling me lies and I will bury you alive."

Eros swirled his fingers, a blue pool of smoke forming.

"See for yourself."

I quickly came down the stairs standing beside the God of love, my heart painfully clenched at the scene displayed.

Indeed he was there, Selene sitting on his lap, as he stroke her hair. She bent down kissing his neck and instead of pushing him away his hands tightened around her.

I closed my eyes feeling Hades' emotions and they opened with unfanthomable rage flowing.

"Take me there now! "

"Even after all this you want to go?" Eros eyed me suspiciously but as I glared at him, he complied.

Blue smoke engulfed us only to be parted seconds later. Here I was standing, in front of Selene herself. She smirked leaning into Hades chest more.

"Hades" I whispered and his eyes flew open, watching me with a second of dilemma but then they widened, pushing Selene out of his hold, scrambling away.

I made my way standing right in front of the moon goddess...the one I worshipped once. A voice echoed throughout the palace, a red hand printed on the goddess' cheek as she fell on the floor with a thud.

"YOU BITCH!" She seethed as I lowered myself to her level, maintaining eye contact.

"Where is Hades?"
"Persephone let me explain." A voice eerily similar to his called.

"You part is done here now before I crush your head beneath my foot get out of here Lord Dolus..... god of trickery I fuck off"

He looked taken aback for a second but a smirk made it's way to his lips.
"You are King Hades' mate indeed. I wish the circumstances in which we met were different Queen."

"Dolus! Eros!" Selene cried out.

"No hard feelings Persephone." They both disappeared ignoring the moon goddess wailing on the floor. Hard that I have already accumulated them, they aren't going away so soon.

"I am asking this last time Selene....where is my mate." A loud laughter resonated in the hall boucing off the walls.

Hades was here somewhere, I could feel it but Dolus played to not let me come across my mate.

"You mate is in my bed, asleep, last night was quite tiring." I yanked her hair back.
"You are going to regret this Persephone."

"CERBERUS!" Selene's eyes widened as Cerberus stepped out of the portal, the protector of Underworld howled with fury shaking the whole castle. His three heads breathing fire, eyes hard, unyielding.

"Lock her in the dungeon."
Cerberus dragged her away inside the black smoke as she kept screaming.

I closed my eyes following each and every of my instinct to reach Hades. After turning around several times I finally stood in front of majestic gates which opened on there own.

"Hades!" He was on the bed, lying inside.



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